Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Final Post

I've known this post was coming for some time now.  I've been putting off making it official.  Four great years, 82,841 page views and 1,013 posts later, it is time for me to close Everything Cubs Blog.

Maybe it is fitting that I walk away a day after one of my favorite Cubs, Kerry Wood, did the same thing.  I have truly enjoyed spending much of my time blogging about my beloved Cubs over the past four years.  I am still every bit as big of a Cubs fan as I was and I still watch the Cubbies as often as possible.  However, with new opportunities popping up in my life it has been impossible for me to make time to write on the site.  Rather than continue to allow the blog to sit without frequent updates, it is time to call it quits.  The number of posts has dwindled in the last year as my schedule filled up and I've tried taking breaks and returning often enough, this time it is time to wrap it up. 

I want to thank all of you for reading Everything Cubs Blog!  It has certainly been a labor of love.  I also want to thank the fellow bloggers that helped make the site possible.  I have dedicated a great portion of the last year on the blog to coverage of Ron Santo and I hope that other sites continue to honor Ronnie.  He will not be forgotten.  I will be at the Ron Santo Hall of Fame induction in July.

My work will still appear from time to time over on View From the Bleachers, so be sure to check out that site.  I'll have the recap of next Sunday's game against the Pirates on VFTB.  I also recommend Chicago Cubs Online, which I spent a season writing minor league reports for.

Although the Cubs have been unsuccessful during the four baseball seasons that I have written on the site, there has never been a shortage of topics to write about in the always interesting world of the Chicago Cubs.  The people that I will remember most from my time blogging about the team are Lou Piniella, Pat Hughes, Ron Santo, Kerry Wood, Derrek Lee, Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez. 

Thank you once again for understanding and thanks for reading!  Go Cubs Go.

That's it forever, it was a pleasure to keep you posted on Everything Cubs for four years.

-Brandon aka Cubbiefan07