Saturday, January 31, 2009

Numbers Breakdown: Joey Gathright VS Felix Pie

Well, the Cubs have signed Joey Gathright this off season and traded Felix Pie. These to guys are similar players on defense so I decited to compare the 2 to find out who is a better hitter. I look at 2008 SB, career SB, career HR, 2008 HR, career BA, 2008 BA, career OBP, and 2008 OBP.

2008 SB:
Gathright- 21
Pie- 3
point Gathright

career SB:
Gathright- 78
Pie- 11
point Gathright

career HR:
Gathright- 1
Pie- 3
point Pie

2008 HR:
Gathright- 0
Pie- 1
Should I really give Pie a point? Alright fine, pointe Pie.

career BA:
Gathright- .263
Pie- .223
point Gathright

2008 BA:
Gathrght- .254
Pie- .223
point Gathright

career OBS:
Gathright- .328
Pie- .284
point Gathright

2008 OBP:
Gathright- .311
Pie- .312
point Pie

Final Score: Pie 3, Gathright 5
Based on the numbers, the Cubs did the right thing. It's possible that Felix would finally have a break out year at the plate in 2009, but not likely.

I'll have a numbers breakdown every weekend leading up to opening day.

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I'll have a rumors update sometime tonight.
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  1. A 3 team trade:

    Orioles get Jeff Stevens, Mike Fontenot Rich Hill and Kevin Kouzmanoff

    Padres get Josh Vitters, Sean Marshall, Kevin Hart and David Pauley

    Cubs get Jake Peavy and Brian Roberts (want to trade him before he leaves in free agency)

    We can use Heilman as long relief or take spot starts for Harden and use Miles as back up for shortstop second and third and Hoff at first.

    What do u guys think of that trade.

  2. I also am doing my chat on Sundays or Mondays depends what happens, I am going to try it tomorrow at 7:30am Same as last time
    hope u will be there

  3. I like the idea of the trade but don't think that's going to happen. I'd be very happy with that a think it seems pretty fair, but it'd be hard to work out a deal where the Cubs got Peavy and Roberts in the same deal. I also don't really think the O's would like that deal. Do you mean 7:30 PM?

  4. Oh it is AM, I checked you blog. I might not be up that early tomorrow, will it always be on Sun./Mon. mornings?

  5. No it wont I not doing it a tnight tome because the super bowl is in it will usually be on at 6pm on Sun/Mon