Thursday, May 13, 2010

Radio Recaps: Brenly and Sullivan on the Score

Bob Brenly on the Danny Mac Show on Tuesday:
  • Bob thinks it's odd for everyone to see Carlos Zambrano in his current role. Brenly thinks Z will end up back in the starting rotation at some point this season.
  • If you do put Zambrano back in the rotation, the Cubs need someone to fill the 8th inning role. They could look to the minors or the trade market.
  • The five guys the Cubs have in the rotation right now are solid. It probably will take an injury to get Carlos back into the starting five
  • Aramis Ramirez did not say "I'm my own hitting coach," out of disrespect to Rudy Jaramillo. Rami was just saying that he understands what he's doing wrong and knows how to work his way out of it. Bob thinks the quote got taken out of context and blown out of proportion.
  • We are seeing signs that Derrek Lee is starting to find his stride. Lee was not in a slump like Ramirez was, he was just not getting hits. Right now, you have to avoid putting Derrek and A-Ram too close together in the lineup.
  • You would think that the Cubs would be having more success because they have 5-6 guys hitting well. The two "big boys" have dragged the entire team down.
  • If you're five games out with six to go, you still have a chance to get into the playoffs. It is way to early to panic for the Chicago Cubs.
  • Some of the Cubs moves are made out of necessity and they are the best option. Brenly commends the Cubs for not waiting until the service date to bring Starlin Castro up.

Paul Sullivan joined Mully & Hanley after yesterday's win over the Marlins:

  • Sully thinks you just have to look at the game against Florida as one win and wait to see what happens this weekend against the Pirates.
  • The Cubs are up in the top 5 or 6 in many statistical categories, but they are having trouble scoring runs.
  • Right now nobody really knows for sure how good (or how bad) the Cubs are.
  • Paul says that the Cardinals are looking pretty solid, so the Cubbies may want to start thinking about the Wild Card at best.
  • Carlos Zambrano has been very low key over the past few weeks. Z does not like being pulled in the middle of an inning and he is not too thrilled with his new role.
  • Sully has seen Rudy and Aramis working together, so the report from David Kaplan that Ramirez is not coached by Jaramillo is not entirely accurate.
  • Derrek Lee also says that he will listen to Jaramillo, but not to everything he says.
  • The thing with Aramis is that we've never seen him in this kind of a slump. He has never struck out so frequently.
  • Carlos Silva thinks the Cubs approached him the right way in Spring Training. Sully says that Larry Rothschild did change Silva's throwing motion a little bit. A lot of it is the confidence.
  • Brining Castro up might eventually cost them more money, but you have to worry about the present. The Cubs say the move was for defensive purposes, but the guy made 5 errors his first week.
  • There are going to be some growing pains involved in a 20-year old adjusting to the bigs.

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