Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breaking News: Lou Piniella Steps Down

Cubs manager Lou Piniella has announced that he will step down effective after today's game against the Braves. Piniella wants to be able to stay with his ailing mother in Florida. Her health is not well and being with her comes first. He did not envision his career ending like this.

Third base coach Mike Quade will be the interim manager the rest of the year. He will be considered as a candidate as the 2011 skipper, but bench coach Alan Trammell will not. Trammell's job on the staff will certainly be in danger at the end of the year, and The Score reports that there is a feeling the whole coaching panel could be let go at season's end.

Sweet Lou should get a nice ovation prior to today's game against the Braves. Despite the fact that we did not win a playoff game, Piniella's tenure with the Cubs will never be forgotten.

Sweet Lou, we'll miss you.

I'll update if I get any more info!

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