Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Rough First Week for the Cubs

Today's loss to the Brewers capped off a rough week one of the season. It has actually been over a week, but we will consider everything that has happened so far in our first Sunday Cubs positives and negatives post, which could become a weekly staple on the site this season.

The Good
  • Carlos Zambrano has pitched fairly well. Two of the Cubs three wins have come in game in which Z started.

  • Jeff Baker is off to a great start.

  • The Cubs have not been sloppy defensively. With a few expectations, their glovework has not hurt them.

  • Sean Marshall and Marcos Mateo are both off to a great starts out of the bullpen.

  • Casey Coleman did a pretty good job today against a great Brewers lineup.

  • The Cubs have been in every game, except for Saturday's 5-0 loss.

  • The Bad

    • The Cubs are the only team in baseball without a stolen base.

    • Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol have blown one game each. If they would have shut the door, the Cubs would be 5-2 instead of 3-4.

    • Matt Garza has not been impressive.

    • Jeff Samardzija continues to show that he cannot find the zone.

    • The Cubbies continue a theme that has plagued them for several years. They leave way to many men on base. Guys are stranded in scoring position with less than two outs left and right.

    • Reed Johnson is hitting .000, Koyie Hill provides little offensively and Blake DeWitt does not do much with the stick. This means that the Cubs lack a pinch hitter that is a threat to take the ball out of the ballpark.

    • Carlos Pena has come up with some hits, but he cannot seem to come through in key situations.

    • Tyler Colvin is off to rough a start at the plate.

    • This second list is coming together a lot faster than the first one did.

    • The Cubs lost two out of three to the PIRATES.

    • Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner are BOTH on the DL! How often do you see two starting pitchers on one club injured in the first week of the season?

    That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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