Saturday, June 11, 2011

Radio Recaps: Levine Talks Cubs, Gammons Calls Out Wrigley & Holly on The Score

Summer is just about here, and with that comes the return of Everything Cubs blog. Although it's been about ten days since I've posted, and I have been have had several long breaks as of late, this blog is not going anywhere. This summer we are set to debut some news posts and features to keep it interesting despite the struggles of the team on the field. I'll have a post up by the middle of next week outlining our summer posting plans.

For now, let's jump in with some radio recaps.

Bruce Levine checked in with Carmen, Jurko & Harry yesterday on ESPN 1000:

  • Levine reports that he Carlos Zambrano's teammates like him. Players are intimidated by him but he is also a nice guy. When he's competing he's wacko.

  • Jurko and Bruce are both disappointed with the performance of Geovany Soto this season. He is one guy who needs to step up.

  • Several players are still very optimistic about this team as it starts to get healthy.

  • Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson have done a great job. Getting them back is very important to this team.

  • The Cubs do not feel like they are out of the race.

  • Levine does not think reply is a great idea. There was no side view available for the Tyler Colvin overturned home run. Bruce was shocked that the call was overturned.

  • Baseball needs to add more cameras to have every angle covered.

  • Marlon Byrd is hoping to take live BP by the middle of next week. He is hoping to return sometime in July.

Peter Gammons of the MLB Network joined Mully and Hanley on 670 The Score yesterday to talk Chicago baseball:

  • It's hard to recover from losing two or three starters early in the season really hurt the Cubs. Ryan Dempster has not had his best year. The pitching staff has not been very stable.

  • Gammons did not like Zambrano's comments calling out the club. Nobody takes what Z says seriously anyways.

  • Carlos is not tradeable because he makes way too much money.

  • Peter doesn't think that Z should have been the person who should have been calling out the team. If a different veteran would have done it, it would have been okay.

  • Gammons thinks that Jim Hendry will eventually be fired by the club. He feels badly for Hendry because a lot of decisions were made by ownership regarding free agent signings.

  • Peter believes that ownership has been very fair with Jim, "but those changes have to be made sometimes."

  • He thinks it is too early to judge the Ricketts family as the owners as the Cubs. "They are going to have to make that ballpark livable. I mean it is a dump," he said. "There is a ton of money that has to go into rebuilding that place," Gammons said.

  • He pointed out that the Ricketts have taken over a roster filled with big contracts plus a ballpark that needs to have a lot of money put into it.

Todd Hollandsworth joined the Danny Mac Show on the Score yesterday:

  • The Cubs bullpen has had to pick up a lot of slack because the starting pitching has not been reliable. The Cubs have not gotten quality starts from the veterans in the rotation.

  • The bullpen has logged a lot of innings and done a pretty good job.

  • Todd thinks that the purpose if instant reply was to eliminate the chance for a bad call on a game changing home run, but there was still some question after the reviewed Tyler Colvin call.

  • Colvin is a very streaky hitter a lot like Alfonso Soriano. He is very capable of swooning or getting hot. The Cubs were counting on Tyler more this year. He is going to have to work on to be mor consistent.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!


  1. I have a question for you that's actually related to the Pat & Ron show. Been looking for an answer for (obviously) a long time, and still have yet to find it. Figured you might know.
    The Pat & Ron shows intro song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", the kind of country-rock version they played before Pat yelled "Cubs Radio is on thw air!!!". Any clue who recorded that song?? Contacted WGN about 2 years ago and they wouldn't tell me.
    If you have any clue, please let me know.

  2. Shelly,

    Good question. Sorry I took a while to respond. Every few years they usually switch the song that is played before the start of the broadcast, here are some of the old ones if you are interested in them:

    As far as who recorded the rock "TAke Me Out to The Ballgame" I am not sure. I will ask/look around and email you if I find anything.