Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breaking News: Zambrano Placed on the Disqualified List

In case you missed it last night, Carlos Zambrano exploded again. He was being hammered for home run after home run by the Atlanta Braves and was ejected from the game for throwing at Chipper Jones. He stormed into the locker room, where he claimed that he was retiring from baseball and cleaned out his locker. Today, the Cubs have placed Zambrano disqualified list, where he will not be allowed to have any contact with the team or collect pay for the next 30 day.

Click here for the official press release.

The Major League Baseball Players' Union will file grievance with the Cubs challenging this decision. The Union will probably not allow the Cubs to fine him $3 million, which is what he's owed during the 30 day ban.

There have been a lot of interesting quotes from many of the Cubs players and personnel on Z's latest antics. Here are some of them-

Jim Hendry
"We will respect his wishes and honor them and move forward."
Said he took the most stringent action he could short of releasing Zambrano.
Apologized to the Braves for ruining Bobby Cox's nights with Z's actions.

Mike Quade
"I don't know where he's at. He walked out on 24 guys that were battling their (bleeps) off for him I can't have a guy walking out on 24 guys, that's for (bleep) sure."
"I've spent enough time on this, time to get ready for the game."

Aramis Ramirez
"I've never seen somebody just pack up their stuff and leave."

Marlon Byrd
"I have now clue. If we don't see him tomorrow, we might not see him again."

Ryan Dempster
This "may be best for both sides."
"I think the guys in here are upbeat today. He's made his own bed and he's got to sleep in it."

Alfonso Soriano
"He's been doing a lot of things, not once or twice. Gotta think a little bit more. Big man, but mentally he's weak."

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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