Saturday, October 15, 2011

Radio Recaps: Rogers, Hughes & Moreland on WGN Radio

Although the deal is not officially done, Theo Epstein talked filled the radio airwaves this week. Phil Rogers joined WGN Sports Night this week.

  • One of the most respected executives in baseball thinks the Cubs have a fighting chance. Theo would not be coming to Chicago if he didn't think Tom Ricketts was a guy who could do big things.

  • There are a number of guys out there who have worked with Epstein before that he could bring in as an assistant general manager.

  • Rogers reports that it is possible that there will be multiple levels of baseball operations where the second guy in charge could have the GM title. Epstein could be the guy who hires the general manager instead of becoming the general manager.

  • For the most part, Theo will be working with the guys who are already there.

  • Epstein is a guy who can make a very difficult decision. You will no longer see the general manager down the clubhouse becoming friendly with the players. Rogers expects him to be a tougher GM.

  • Rogers is excited about Ricketts' commitment to the farm system.

  • Demarlo Hale is the Boston bench coach and could be a candidate for the Cubs managerial position. Rogers if pretty sure that Terry Francona will not be the Cubs manager in 2012. Ryne Sandberg is a guy who does make sense.

  • The deal for Theo Epstein is not done yet. This thing could still go sideways.

  • Rogers thinks that Pujols will leave the Cardinals. The NL Central might be has winnable as ever in 2012.

  • A turnaround to be competitive could happen in 2012, but the Cubs are 2-3 years away from winning 90-95 games. The lack of stability throughout the organization as been the biggest problem for the Cubs.

  • The front office must take a patient approach.

Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland joined Greg Jarrett to talk about Epstein-

  • "There's a feeling of this all being a bit premature right now. It looks like it's going to happen, but it's a little premature," Hughes said.

  • Moreland said that he is sure that players are following the situation and wondering what might take place. Keith said that there is a lot of speculation going on at this point.

  • The Cubs organization needs to put itself in position to win year in and year out for a decade.

  • Hughes is impressed by Theo's track record for success. If indeed he does become the Cubs general manager, Pat will be pulling for him to do well.

  • Keith thinks that starting pitching is the biggest area of need for the Cubs.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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