Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slight Changes to Everything Cubs Blog

Today I've made a few tweaks to the layout of Everything Cubs Blog! The color scheme is slightly different to incorporate more of the Cubs colors into the site. The list of Cubs links on the right sidebar has been updated, be sure to check it out. In addition, the five most popular Everything Cubs blog posts of all time are now displayed on the right sidebar. Please be sure to check out some of our most read articles! We are also looking to add a few new features, if you have any ideas of what you what like to see on the site in the coming weeks please feel free to put them in the comments of this post.

A new poll is up on the right sidebar! Which are you more excited about?
a) Carlos Zambrano being traded
b) Kerry Wood returning
Be sure to cast your vote!

A big thanks to everyone who voted on the last poll regarding the Sean Marshall trade. Thanks for reading as always, look for more Cubs coverage later this week.


  1. I like the colors, makes it easier to read!This site is one of my faves,especially for getting all the latest news!It would be cool to do a "getting to know" a cubs player on a regular basis type thing.

  2. Thanks for reading and giving me the feedback. I used to do "Getting to Know the Cubs" posts and I would like to bring those back sometime in the near future, especially with all the turnover we've had on the North Side this winter.

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