Sunday, November 29, 2009

Numbers Breakdown: Cubs Second Base

Before we get to the Breakdown, a reminder:
The voting is over for our "All Decade" Cub first baseman. Thanks to all of you who voted! Our next position to vote on is second base! Please keep in mind, votes are based on performances in a Cub uniform starting in the year 2000. Our poll for second basemen in located on the right sidebar of our blog's mainpage. Please vote!

Now, let's stick with the topic of second base as we move in to this week's number breakdown. The Cubs have been involved in talks to try and bring Mets second baseman Luis Castillo to Chicago, in a trade that would dump Milton Bradley.

Would Castillo starting in the middle infield really be an improvement for the Cubs?

Career Batting Average
Mike Fontenot- .236
Luis Castillo- .292
Jeff Baker- .270

Point Castillo

Career Home Runs
Fontenot- 21 HR in 347 Games
Castillo- 28 HR in 1,634 Games
Baker- 26 HR in 300 Games

Point Baker

Career OBP
Fontenot- .301
Castillo- .369
Baker- .326

Point Castillo

2009 Batting Average
Fontenot- .236
Castillo- .302
Baker- .305

Point Baker

2009 HR & RBIs
Fontenot- 9, 43
Castillo- 1, 40
Baker- 4, 24

Point Fontenot

2009 SB
Fontenot- 4
Castillo- 20
Baker- 1

Point Castillo

Career Fielding %
Fontenot- .982
Castillo- .984
Baker- .986

Point Baker

So the final tallies of this Number Breakdown: Baker 3, Castillo 3, Fontenot 1. Luis gets on base more, steals bases, and hits for a better batting average, and those are things you want in a middle infielder. However, he has a bad contract, and lacks versatility. If the Cubs are able to dump Fontenot, Bradley, and hopefully Miles, would you like to see a Castillo/Baker platoon at second with Baker playing 3B when Ramirez needs time off?

Remember, the numbers don't lie...

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