Thursday, November 26, 2009

What are Cubs Fans Thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving Cubs fans! Today is a day for turkey, pie, family, and football... but let's talk a little Cubs.

What are Cubs fans thankful for this year?

  • The sale is finally complete! We can finally move on to talking about the team again instead of a lot of rumors surrounding the sale. We're thankful to have Tom Ricketts!
  • Only exactly 50 days until the Cubs Convention, and 100 days until Spring Training!
  • The Hot Stove season is in full swing!
  • Milton Bradley will not be back in 2010 (hopefully)!
  • Starlin Castro is in the Cubs organization. He is developing well, and played great in the Arizona Fall League. Castro is the Cubs shortstop of the future.
  • There's lots of great Cub related things you could add to your Christmas List! Check out Vineline magazine,, DVDs of classic Cubs games, and many great Cubs books. I'll be reviewing these products over the next month.
  • Derrek Lee, Randy Wells, Ted Lilly, and John Grabow in 2009.
  • The MLB Network. They have great baseball programming all year around. Friday at 6 PM CT they will air the 1990 All Star Game, which was at Wrigley Field.
  • There's no lack of Cubs Coverage in the offseason! You have this blog to be thankful for, as well as all the other great Cubs Blogs and sites out there. Check them out on our right sidebar!
  • Oh... and Kevin Gregg will not return to the Cubs.

Also, today:
12:30pm on CSN Chicago- 2009 Cubs Classic- Cleveland Indians @ Chicago Cubs (June 19, 2009)

Again, everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. More posts tomorrow, but for now let's enjoy some food, family, football, and fun!

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