Monday, January 17, 2011

Ryan Theriot on WGN Sports Night

Ryan Theriot spent about a year as a weekly guest on the weeknight show on WGN-720 when he was a Cub. Tonight, the St. Louis shortstop was back on the air with Kap & Noonan. The former Cubs fan favorite has made some negative comments about the organization since his move to the other side of the Cubs/Cards rivalry. Here are the highlights:

  • Kaplan introduced the interview by saying that he decided to get Theriot on when Koyie Hill and Mike Quade took shots at him this weekend.
  • Ryan said the he talked to Koyie last night and today. He said that you take all that with a grain of salt.
  • "It was more like a 'Do you feel like your on the right side of the rivalry?' question."
  • Since he is a Cardinal now, there was only one answer he could give.
  • Ryan said that it wasn't his choice. He wanted to spend the rest of his career in Chicago, but there are things that he cannot control.
  • During the 162 game grind, a player sometimes loses focus on winning a World Series.
  • "A blind man can see the success that the Cardinals have had in the past."
  • Theriot is extremely excited about the rivalry. When he was in Chicago, he was on the right side of the rivalry. Now that he is in St. Louis, he is on the right side of the rivalry.
  • St. Louis is not as big of a city as Theriot thought it was.
  • Ryan has talked to Tony LaRussa quite a bit. They've had lot of talks about baseball and life. Theriot has been fortunate to play under some great managers like Lou, Dusty, Torre and Tony.
  • The Cardinals had their Fan Fest this past weekend as well.
  • HoHoKam Stadium was like a second home for him. It will be a different experience going down to Florida, but there are a lot more places to catch a fish down there.
  • Kaplan went on a random rant about how fishing is not really a sport.
  • The thing that Theriot will look forward to about coming back to the city of Chicago is the food.

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