Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Prediction Time!

Well, you can't predict baseball because it's too unpredictable. But, we'll try anyways.

Cubs Record

Team Leader in Batting Average
Ryan Theriot

Team Leader in Home Runs
Derrek Lee

Team Leader in RBIs
Aramis Ramirez

Team Leader in Steals

Ejections For Lou Piniella

Most Time Spent on the DL (Besides Guzman)
Carlos Silva

Best Callup
Starlin Castro

Tyler Colvin, James Russell, and Tom Gorzelanny

Most Errors
Alfonso Soriano

Amount of Milton Bradley Stories by Paul Sullivan

Best ERA
Carlos Marmol

Most Ks
Carlos Zambrano

Most Wins
Ryan Dempster

Most Ejections (players only)
Carlos Zambrano

Place in Division

Most Quality Starts
Randy Wells

Most Holds
John Grabow

First Starting Position Player to be Benched
Alfonso Soriano or Mike Fontenot

Bold Predictions
  • Starlin Castro will be the Cubs starting short stop by the All-Star break.
  • Xavier Nady and Carlos Silva will most spend most of the year on the DL.
  • Marlon Byrd will not be much of a factor.
  • Soto will bounce back.
  • The Cubs team ERA will be the best in the league.
  • The Cubs will score at least 75 more runs than they did in 2009.

I also predict that this blog will be there for you throughout the season! (at least I should get one right!)

More soon!