Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Poll, Radio Recaps, and More

First of all, please be sure to check out our new poll on the right sidebar.

We Ask:
Out of the players the Cubs have, who should be the 8th inning man?

A) John Grabow
B) Esmalin Caridad
C) Sean Marshall
D) Justin Berg
E) Jeff Samardzija

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A big thanks to everyone who voted on our last poll! Here are the results:

Q: How many games will the Cubs win this season?
Tie-1. 80-89 (50%)
Tie-1. 90-94 (50%)

Ryan Dempster joined Waddle & Silvy on Thursday. Here's the recap:
  • Ryan says he is doing great. He promises that everything is going to be okay. There are always 2 game losing streaks in baseball.
  • Demp understands why he was taken out after the 6th inning. The baseball season is a marathon not a sprint.
  • He worked very hard this winter and during Spring Training, so he felt as prepared as he could be.
  • Going into the game, he did not feel any pressure. He was just excited to get out there.
  • There is no sense of "here we go again" in the clubhouse.
  • You cannot live in the past, you have to enjoy the present.
  • The Cubs have a really good team and everything will be just fine.
  • Ryan's daughter is doing very well. She continues to inspire him everyday.
  • Randy Wells knows how to pitch. He didn't just catch lighting in a bottle last year. Dempster expects him to keep it up this season.
  • Jeff Samardzija really wants to win at whatever he's doing. That's what gets him through the rough times.
  • Shark will make the adjustments back to the pen.
  • The nice thing about starting a new season is that you never know what is going to happen.

Paul Sullivan was on with Mully and Hanley on Thursday:

  • Sullivan says that Lou is already ticked off this early in the season.
  • Lou didn't like the question (from the media) about Sean Marshall changing roles. He didn't like the idea of moving John Grabow out of the setup role already.
  • The fact that it was Grabow who blew the game on Wednesday makes you more nervous. John is supposed to be the Cubs' top setup guy.
  • Piniella still has faith in Grabow.
  • Sullivan figures that he'll stick as the 8th inning man for most of the season. As wild as Marmol was, he kept the setup role for all of last year.
  • There are enough questions with this team to make you worry.
  • The way the hitting has been so far is not going to cut it. The bats did not make too much noise the last two weeks of Spring Training either.
  • The second game of the season felt more like a middle of the season loss. Getting their butts kicked in the first game and then blowing the second game cause a lot of frustration.
  • "When things go wrong with the Cubs, they just seem to go wrong."

Other Cubs Notes:

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