Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Numbers Breakdown: A Look at the 2009-2010 Offseason Now

Half way through the year, we always like to take a look at back at what Jim Hendry did in his offseason transactions. It's fun to grade the moves when they happen, but at that point we are just speculating. Now that we have seen the Cubs play, we know if how the moves are turning out so far.

Based on the Cubs record, one would think that the Hendry's offseason moves have not panned out. However, that is not necessarily the case!

Date: 11/19/09
Move: Traded Aaron Heilman to Arizona for Ryne White and Scott Maine
Heilman's Numbers (this season): 2-3, 3.83 ERA
Maine's Numbers: 2.20 ERA in 12 games at AA, 3.81 ERA in 20 games at AAA
White's Numbers: .228 AVG 11 games at Daytona
Move Grade: B-

Date: 11/20/09
Move: Resigned John Grabow
Grabow's Stats: 1-3, 7.36 ERA in 28 games this season
Move Grade: F

Date: 12/4/09
Move: Jake Fox and Aaron Miles traded to Oakland for Jeff Gray, Ronny Morla, & Matt Spencer
Fox's stats: .222 AVG, 51 games between Baltimore and Oakland
Miles' Stats: Only played in minor with A's before being released, picked up by St. Louis
Gray's Stats: Brief stint w/ Cubs, 5.00 ERA in 7 game at AAA, currently injured
Morla's Stats: 2-2, 3.58 ERA, 28 games at Peoria
Spencer's Stats: .286 AVG at Daytona; .264 AVG, 9 HR, 33 RBIs at AA
Move Grade: A-

Date: 12/18/09
Move: Traded Milton Bradley to Seattle for Carlos Silva & cash
Bradley's Stats: .210 AVG in 62 games
Silva's Stats: 9-3, 3.45 ERA, 17 starts
Move Grade: A

Date: 1/2/10
Move: Signed Marlon Byrd to a 3-year contract
Byrd's stats: .317 AVG, 18 games
Move Grade: A

Date: 1/27/10
Move: Signed Chad Tracy to a minor league deal w/ Spring Training invite
Tracy's stats: .250 AVG, 28 games before being DFA'd
Move Grade: C+

Date: 1/29/10
Move: Signed Xavier Nady to a one year contract
Nady's Stats: .225 AVG, 62 Games
Move Grade: C-

Move (Grade): Allowing Kevin Gregg (B-), Neal Cotts (A), Reed Johnson (C), Rich Harden (B+), and Chad Fox (A) to leave via free agency.

With the additions of Byrd, Silva, and some prospects and the subtractions of Jake Fox, Miles, Bradley, Heilman, and other Hendry had a very good offeason. The only moves that didn't turn out well were resigning Grabow and signing Nady.

Overall Offseason Grade Now: B

And remember... the numbers don't lie!

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