Friday, October 29, 2010

Marlon Byrd on Waddle & Silvy

  • Marlon is "doing all right" and just relaxing at this point.
  • His first year experience was a blast despite the losing record. He loved going out there and being a Cub every single day.
  • The day game atmosphere and fan situation was right up his ally.
  • He was very happy when he found out that Mike Quade will be the manager for the next several years.
  • At the beginning of Spring Training this past season, Byrd knew that Quade was a managerial type.
  • Mike always has the answers players need. Marlon likes his perpetration and energy.
  • Byrd is confident that the Cubs can win in 2011. The young guys that came in got better and got a taste of the big leagues.
  • It was tough playing the way they did this year, but they can improve.
  • The Cubs need a first baseman. Marlon is not sure what the team needs as far as pitchers.
  • "Who wouldn't like Adam Dunn? That would be a big pick-up," he said.
  • Byrd is having fun watching his friends and former teammates in Texas play in the World Series. It has been tough watching them lose the past few days.
  • Marlon has texted with some of the Rangers during this series.

That's it for now, but I'll have more this weekend!

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