Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Quick Hits: Reaction on Quade

News and Notes after the Hiring of Quade

  • Lester Strode, Larry Rothschild, and Rudy Jaramillo are expected to be apart of Mike Quade's staff next year.
  • The futures of Alan Trammell, Ivan DeJesus, and Bobby Dernier are up in the air.
  • Pat Listach could end up in Chicago if he does not get the gig as the Brewers manager.
  • The Chicago Tribune reports that Ryne Sandberg is welcome to return as the manager of the Iowa Cubs if he chooses to.
  • Ted Lilly inked with the Dodgers last week.

Jim Hendry joined Waddle & Silvy on Thursday:

  • Hendry said he enjoyed the search for the manager.
  • He had plenty of time to get really deep into a lot of things.
  • The Ricketts family allowed him to do it the way he wanted to.
  • Quade would still have been a candidate even if he didn't have to take over for Lou.
  • There were some situations earlier in the year with Piniella's family and he almost left but wanted to stick it out as long as he could.
  • The job Mike did down the stretch certainly strengthened his case.
  • Ryne Sandberg is a terrific guy. He is probably a better person than he was player according to Jim. Ryno earned the right to be a finalist for the manager's job.
  • Sandberg is disappointed he didn't get the job, but he is not angry at Hendry or Ricketts.
  • Hendry feels strongly that the Cubs made the right decision.
  • Ryno did nothing wrong in four years in the minor league system. He doesn't think more experience would have made a difference. Mike Quade just strictly earned this job.
  • It is a given that Sandberg is welcome back to Iowa. Hendry would love to have him back in Iowa.
  • Ryno has every right to do what he wants to do. There will be some private conversations between Hendry and Sandberg.
  • Jim is encouraged by the fact that a lot of the team's young players got a lot better over the final six weeks.
  • The team would like to think that they have a lot more guys coming from the system.
  • Carlos Zambrano has a no trade clause so he will be back. The Cubs are hopeful that he has grown and learned from his mistakes. He is not the young flame-thrower that he used to be, but he had a very good last two months.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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