Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mike Quade on CTL

Mike Quade was on Chicago Tribune Live the day he was named the manager of the Chicago Cubs. Let's check out a recap of what the new skipper had to say:
  • This opportunity is something very special for Mike and his family. He loves the game and loves everything he has been able to do so far.
  • The first day after he took over for Lou, Quade asked his team what he could do to improve the team the rest of the season.
  • Winning starts with the veteran players.
  • The benefit of having the six weeks was huge for Quade. He plans on building on those six weeks and doing it for sixth months.
  • Mike's goal is for the team to be fundamentally better next year.
  • The team wants to come out of Spring Training sharp and ready to go.
  • Quade is going to put the whole "curse" thing out of his mind. He plans on making this ballpark and this city work for him.
  • The "curse" has to be the farthest thing from the manager's mind day in and day out.
  • Mike thinks you can get the most out of people no matter what they are making money wise.
  • Every situation is different, but Quade respects the game and believes that all players should play hard.
  • He doesn't see any reason to think that he should change anything from what he did the last six weeks of the season.
  • There is nothing better than having strong leadership in the clubhouse. The makes a manager's job much easier.
  • Ryan Dempster thinks the Cubs will play the game differently under the new manager.
  • Quade says he learned a lot from watching Lou, but he also learned a lot from his time in the minor leagues.
  • He plans on asking for effort. Mike sounds like he is willing to take risks.
  • Mike would like to think that he has thick skin. It is the nature of sports. Quade have rough seasons in the minor leagues and knows that there will always be adversity.
  • He has the confidence to believe in himself and what he is doing.
  • The Cubs are going to go out and do things the way he think they need to be done. This game is about the players, it always has been, and Quade gets that.
  • Q understands that Carlos Zambrano is an emotional guy. If he will clear his mind the way he did at the end of 2010, he will be able to put this together.
  • Mike hopes to continue to listen and learn things about big league managing.
  • David Kaplan asked him what one area he would like to improve. Quade indicated that he is going to let the front office worry about putting things together. Mike will have some input, but he will wait to see what the front office is looking at before he gives his opinion.
  • There is so much more information available to you at the big league level that you have to be on top of things a little bit quicker.
  • Mike enjoys dealing with the media. He understands that things like that come with the territory.
  • He wants to be straightforward and honest with his team and with the media.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted on Everything Cubs as always.

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