Monday, February 13, 2012

WGN Radio Cubs Song Contest

Since most other Cubs sites have all the "hard" Cubs news covered as we count down to pitchers and catchers reporting on Saturday, let's have a little fun today.

WGN Radio is hosting a song contest that gives fans a chance to create the 2012 Cubs WGN Radio theme song! Follow the link for more information on the contest. Since a new Cubs song will be used this season, it seems fitting for us to take a look at some of the songs that have been used in recent years.

Click here to hear Jonathon Brandmeier talk about the contest.

Here is a link to some of the Cubs jingles from year's past.

Here are the song titles and summaries from recent years.

"Go, Cubs Go on 7-2-0" (1998-2000 theme)
Everybody listen to the radio, bring on the fun today. There's a ball game on the way. Chicago Cubs, Chicago Cubs. All the good feelings of baseball. On the radio, it's go Cubs go, WGN! That's right, WGN!

"Chicago, Chicago, Chicago Cubs" (2001-2002 theme)
Everybody listen to the radio, bring on the Cubs today. We got a lot of fun coming and we're ready to go, there's a ball game on the way. Chicago, Chicago, Chicago Cubs. Go Cubs go on 7-2-0, WGN.

"Everybody Loves the Cubs" (2003-2004 theme)
Let's play ball, today. The Cubs are on their way. On the radio, tune to 7-2-0. Everybody loves the Cubs, everybody loves the Cubs. It's baseball time again, right here on WGN. Yes, Chicago loves the Cubs, on WGN.

"Cub, Cubby, Cubbies" (2005-2006)
Everybody listen to the radio, goin' to the yard to play. We got a game getting underway, and hey, hey, hey the Cubs are gonna win today. Cub, Cubby, Cubbies. Take me to the game on radio 7-2-0 yea. Night game, day game, even in a light rain, Cubs fans wer packing Wrigley teh same. Can't be there then you better go to radio 7-2-0. We don't stop believing in the Cubbies, pick up them forever always. More fun than there ever was, because hey, hey, hey everybody loves the Cubs.

After that, the songs are not well documented. I recall a song with the lines
"I'm a ready to go, I got all my friends, and I'm headed down to the yard. I'm going to break the rain and rock that train down to Addison and Clark, singing let's go Cubs!"

That was followed with a rock version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, which they have used for the last few years. Please comment with your thoughts.

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  1. Love "Let's Go Cubs - This is Our Year" & I've been trying to track down an MP3