Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Chicago Cubs All Decade Team- Pitchers

On Tuesday, the best position player by position of the 2000s were announced here on Everything Cubs blog. Today we round out our team with the pitching staff. Remember that all members of the All Decade team are based on fan voting, which has been going on on our site most of the winter. Only time spent in a Cub uniform in the 2000s will be considered.

Ace of the Rotation- Kerry Wood
Wood received the most votes among all starting pitchers despite the fact that his Cub career was injury-riddled and that he is most remember for a game that was not in this decade- the 20 K game in 1998.
Years with the Cubs: 1998-2008
Became a Cub on: June 4, 1994 when he was the 4th pick in the amateur draft
Left the Cubs on: December 10, 2008 when he signed with the Cleveland Indians.
Record as a Cub this decade: 64-55
ERA in Cub Career: 3.65 in 276 games
Saves: 34 (all in 2008)
Awards/Honors: Led the NL in Ks per 9 innings in 2003, Led the NL in strikeouts in '03, NL All Star in 2003 and 2008.
Where is he now?: In the second year of his two year deal with Cleveland

#2 Starter- Greg Maddux
Years with the Cubs: 2004-2006 (also 1986-1992)
Became a Cub on: March 23, 2004 when he signed to begin his second stint with the club he started his career with
Left the Cubs on: July 31, 2006 when he was traded on the day of the MLB Trade Deadline so that he could go to a contending team in the LA Dodgers. The Cubs got Cesar Izturis in the deal.
Records: 16-11 in 2004, 13-15 in 2005, and 9-11 in 2006
ERA in Cub Career: 3.61 in 302 games (counting both stints)
ERA in decade: 4.02 in '04, 4.24 in '05, and 4.69 in '06
Awards/Honors: Too many to list in his career, but none in second stint with the Cubs. #31 was retired by the Cubs in May of 2009 in honor of Greg and Fergie Jenkins.
Notes: As with Wood, it's obvious that voter were affected by performance outside of this decade. I'm glad both Kerry and Greg made this cut for this team, despite the fact that there numbers were not the best among Cubs' starting pitchers in this decade.
Where is he now?: Maddux has returned the organization for the 3rd time, this time as a front office member. He's a special assistant to GM Jim Hendry.

#3 Starter- Carlos Zambrano
Time with the Cubs: 2001-present
Became a Cub on: July 12, 1997 when he was signed as an amateur FA
Record: 105-68
ERA: 3.51 in 259 games
Most memorable moment: Perfect game against the Astros at Miller Park in 2008
Awards/Honors: NL All Star in 2004, 2006, & 2008; NL Silver Slugger in '06, '08, & '09; led the league in wins in 2006
Where is he now?: Signed with the Cubs through 2012, plus 2013 vesting option

#4 Starter- Ted Lilly
Time with the Cubs: 2007-present
Became a Cub on: December 15, 2006 when he signed as a free agent
Record: 44-26
ERA: 3.70 in 95 games with the Cubs
Awards/Honors: 2009 NL All Star, only Cub in the mid-summer classic; the "Bulldog" led the league in games started in 2008
Notes: Has his own fan club!
Where is he now?: Signed through 2010

Closer: Joe Borowski
Time with the Cubs: 2001-2005
Became a Cub on: December 11, 2000 when he signed as a free agent
Left the Cubs on: June 29, 2005 when he was released
Saves: 44 (33 in '03)
ERA: 3.73 in 175 games
Awards/Honors: None as a Cub, but he led the AL in Saves in '07
Notes: Remembered as part of the 2003 Cubs that went to the NLCS
Where is he now?: Announced his retirement on February 24, 2009. Lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Thanks to everyone who helped by voting!

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