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The Chicago Cubs All Decade Team- Position Players

The Chicago Cubs went 733-737 in the 2000s, but the ten "average" years will never be forgotten by most fans. This winter, you've been voting on the polls on our sidebar that asked you: "Who is the Cubs top (blank position) of the 2000s?", so now we put those poll-winners together for the Chicago Cubs all Decade Team...

*Note that all stats are from 2000-2009 only, with the Cubs only!

Catcher- Joe Girardi
Years with Cubs: 2000-2002
Became a Cub: On December 15, 1999 when he was signed
Batting Averages: .278, .253, .226
Awards/Honors: 2000 NL All Star Team
Notes: This was his second stint with the Cubs!
Where is he now: Manager of the New York Yankees

First Base- Derrek Lee
Years with Cubs: 2004-present
Became a Cub on: November 25, 2003 when he was traded from Florida in exchange for Mike Nannini and Hee Seop Choi.
Batting Average as a Cub: .304 in 815 Games
Awards/Honors: 2005 and 2007 NL All Star Team; 2005 NL batting title; 2003, 2005, and 2007 NL Gold Glove at 1B.
Notes: Signed through 2010

Second Base- Mark DeRosa
Years with the Cubs: 2007-2008
Became a Cub on: November 14, 2006 signed as a FA
Left the Cubs on: December 31, 2008 when he was traded to Cleveland for Jeff Stevens, John Gaub, and Chris Archer
Batting Average as a Cub: .289 in 298 games
Notes: Played 2B, 3B, RF, 1B, LF, and SS in both seasons with the Cubs.
Where is he now: Signed with SF Giants

Shortstop- Ryan Theriot
Years with the Cubs: 2005-present
Became a Cub on: September 13, 2005 when he made his big league debut
Batting Average as a Cub: .288 in 513 games
Honors/Awards: Led the NL in singles in 2007 and 2008
Notes: Currently looking to avoid arbitration with club

Third Base- Aramis Ramirez
Years with the Cubs: 2003-present
Became a Cub on: July 23, 2003 when he was traded from the Pirates with Kenny Lofton for Matt Bruback, Jose Hernandez, and Bobby Hill.
Batting Average as a Cub: .300 in 851 games
Honors/Awards: 2005 and 2008 NL All Star; 2008 Hank Aaron Award
Notes: Signed through 2011, plus 2012 club option

Outfield- Sammy Sosa
Years with the Cubs: 1992-2004
Became a Cub on: March 30, 1992 when the White Sox sent him to the North Side along with Ken Patterson in return for George Bell
Left the Cubs on: February 2, 2005 when the Cubs sent him to Baltimore for Dave Crouthers, Mike Fontenot, and Jerry Hairston
Batting Averages in 2000s: .320, .328, .288, .279, and .253
Honors/Awards: 2001, 2002, and 2004 NL All Star; 2000, '01, and '02 NL Silver Slugger; led NL in runs scored in 2001 and '02; led league in HR in 2000 and 2002; led NL in RBIs in 2001; and led the NL in Intentional Base on Balls in 2001 (with 37!)
Where is he now?: Announced his retirement on June 3, 2009 after the World Baseball Classic. He is currently "calmy waiting" his induction into the Hall of Fame.
Notes: *

Outfield- Moises Alou
Years with the Cubs: 2002-2004
Became a Cub on: December 19, 2001 when he signed with the Cubs
Left the Cubs on: January 5, 2005 when he signed with the Giants
Batting Average as a Cub: .283 in 438 games
Honors/Awards: 2004 NL All Star
Where is he now?: On March 5, 2009 announced that he would retire after the World Baseball Classic. He is now the GM for a Dominican Winter League team.
Notes: One of the few MLB players who batted without batting gloves.

Outfield- Alfonso Soriano
Years with the Cubs: 2007-present
Became a Cub on: November 20, 2006 when he signed with the team
Batting Average as a Cub: .275 in 361 games
Honors/Awards: 2007 and 2008 NL All Star
Notes: Signed through 2014- so he could be on the "All Cubs Decade Team 2010-2020", or also might end up on the "Not-So All Decade Team 2010-2020". Time will tell.

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