Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jim Hendry on Waddle & Silvy

Jim Hendry checked in to talk Cubs on ESPN 1000 today:
  • Before Bradley, the Cubs always went after good chemistry guys. The didn't do something totally different this offseason by getting Millar and Byrd, it was more "back to the norm".
  • Offensively Milton was the right guy. If he would have hit like he normally did the first couple of months, a lot of the problems would not have occur.
  • Hendy said that Bradley got off to a bad start and then it got away from him.
  • Jim thinks the Cubs are much better than they were last year. They need a lot of guys to get on track, and Rudy Jaramillo should help with that. The Cubs didn't need a lot of new bodies, they just need guys to come back and play like they did in '07 and '08.
  • Having veterans on the bench and in the bullpen is important (hence the Millar and Tracy adds).
  • The Cubs are still looking to make another move before or during camp. They need a veteran guy in the 'pen.
  • The guys coming in on Non Roster Invites have a good chance to compete for spots.
  • The Cubs did like Jermaine Dye. Hendy spoke to Dye and his agent. Jermaine and Nady were two of the Cubs options for 4th outfielder.
  • The team is done adding position players. If they make any more moves, it will be to sign pitchers.
  • The Ricketts family has given Jim a fair budget.
  • More good, young players are coming, and it's time for guys like Marshall, Samardzija, and Marmol to get more of a chance to have bigger roles.
  • Hendy thinks that the Ricketts will be great owners for the city of Chicago long after his tenure with the Cubs.
  • Alfonso is a good guy, a good teammate, he wants to win, and he does care when he doesn't do well. Having Rudy with him should help him find out what he needs to do to get back on track. The Cubs will be happy if he hits .270-.275 and 30+ home runs.
  • Sori's speed game will never return because of the injuries, but he should be able to avoid the long slumps this year.
  • The Cubs do not do the promoting for their own prospects. The organization is not looking to over-hype Starlin Castro. He is a very talented guy who has a chance to play well on both sides of the ball. "He'll let us know when he's ready."
  • The team has settled 36 arbitration cases in a row, but if it end up going to a trial, that's just part of the business. Neither side likes it, but it is what it is.
  • Ted Lilly had a very minor procedure. The Cubs have never been worried about it. If he's 100% the first week of the season, he'll pitch then. If not, they won't rush him. The first few weeks you have some off days, therefore do not need five starters.

Paul Sullivan joined the Danny Mac Show on 670 the Score yesterday:

  • The Cubs are going to open up the bottom of the bleachers in the area underneath the cat walk in right field. That will be opened up before the game for corporate events. During the game, it will be open to fans with flat screen TVs, beverage stands, ect.
  • They have already begun constructing this at Wrigley.
  • The Cubs are looking to get people to stay in the ballpark to spend money after the games, instead of going to the bars and restaurants to spend their money before and after games.
  • Sullivan thinks it's worrisome that Wrigley is using many ideas that the Red Sox are using for Fenway Park.
  • Sully doesn't like the idea of advertising in the left field bleachers.
  • He would like to see the Cubs come up with their own ideas instead of copying everything off of Boston.
  • Ricketts is into statistical thinking, but Jim Hendy is definitely old school and loves scouting first.

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