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Cubs All Forgettable All Decade Team

The Chicago Cubs had some great players in the 2000s, and those will be honor with the All-Decade team, which will be posted next week. Thanks to everyone who voted on the All-Decade Cubs on our polls!

However, today we take a look a some Cubs who you may not remember that put on the pinstripes in the past decade!

Starting Catcher: Jose Reyes
This Jose Reyes, who is not the same Jose Reyes that plays short stop for the New York Mets, played in only four games as a Cub in 2006. He caught in two of those games, and went 1-5 at the plate. Link

Starting First baseman: Scott Moore
After being shipped to Chicago in the trade that sent Kyle Farnsworth to Detriot, Moore hit .263 in 2006 and .000 in 2007 playing in 18 total games as a Cub. He then went to Baltimore where he's been for the last two years. Link

Starting Third baseman: Casey McGehee
Many Cubs fans remember Casey because he played great with the Brewers in 2009, but in fact he only appeared in 9 games as a Cub, all in 2008. He hit just .167 during that time. Link

Starting SS: Jason Smith
He played short in one of his two games in Cubbie blue. He went 0-1 as a Cub, and that was his first AB that led to a 9 year big league career. He played with the Astros in 2009. Link

Starting 2B: Enrique Wilson
Wilson played 9 years in the big leagues. The final 15 games of his 555 game big league career were with the Cubs in 2005. He played second for 5 of those 15 games. Link

Starting Outfield:

Trent Hubbard
In 2003, the Cubs became Trent's 9th and final ballclub. He was signed in May and released in July playing in just 10 games (4-16) during that brief stay in Chicago. Link

Mario Encarnacion
The Cubs took a chance on this guy after he played in 20 games with the Rockies as a rookie in 2000. In '01 he went 0-7 with 2 walks in 3 games, and that's all she wrote on his Cub career and on his big league career. His small claim to fame is that he was involved in the trade that Jermaine Dye from the Rockies to the A's. Link

Adam Greenberg
Greenberg made the starting outfield having never played the outfield as a Cub before. He came to the plate batting left handed on July 7, 2005 in a game against the Florida Marlins. He was nailed by a pitch in the head, sadly ending his Cub career. He would not return to baseball until 2009, when he signed a minor league deal with the Reds. Adam has a career OBP of 1.000. He's one "All Forgettable" guy that everyone should remember, and root for. Link.

Starting Pitchers:

Ryan O'Malley
You can't get much more forgettable than Ryan. He appeared in just two games in his Cubs career, and that is the total number of games he's seen in the big leagues to date. O'Malley started twice during the 2006 season going 1-1 with an ERA of 2.13. Link

Joey Nation
Another guy who most of you have no idea who he is. Joey only pitched in 2 games in his big league career, both were starts for the 2000 Chicago Cubs. He went 0-2. Link

Wade Miller
The veteran RHP took Mark Prior's spot in the rotation to start the 2006 season, but he too was injury prone. He pitched in only 8 games over his two year span with the team. Link

John Koronka
This southpaw pitched in just four games- 3 starts- for the Cubs in 2005 before moving on to Texas for the 2006 season. As a Cub, he went 2-1 with a 7.47 ERA. He originally came to the Cubs in a trade for another member of the All Forgettable All Decade team, Phil Norton. In March of 2006, he was shipped to Texas for Freddie Bynum, who turned into Kevin Hart, who turned into John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny. Link


Carmen Pignatiello
This lefty played a couple of years in the minor leagues and Spring Training with the Cubs, but only got into 6 big league games. Four of them were in 2007, with two coming the next season. He finished his Cub career with a 6.77 ERA. Link

Phil Norton
This guys was released by the Chicago Cubs on January 14, 2002 and signed once again by the Cubs less than a month later! He pitched in 2 games in 2000 and four in 2003 before playing in a large number of games as a Red in '03 and '04. In April of 2005, the Cubs have Norton a third chance signing him once again! He spent time at various levels of the minors in 2005 and 2006 with the Cubs, but never was to return to the big leagues. Link

Scott Chiasson
Other than having an odd last name, Scott did very little in Cubbie blue. He was OK in his 6 2001 games, but earned his removal from the big league scene with a 23.14 ERA in 4 games in 2002. Link

Clay Rapada
Although he was a much talked about prospect with a cool name, as far as fewest games played in the decade, Clay takes top honors. He pitched on June 14, 2007 in his big league debut against the Seattle Mariners facing one batter (and retiring him) to go 0.1 total innings in his Cub career. He went on to see action with the Tigers from '07 to '09. Link

Jermaine Van Buren
Went 0-2 working out of the pen for the 2005 Cubs. He got into six total games in Chicago, before being sold to Boston where he spent his other ten big league games. Link

Andy Pratt
Andy may be one of the worst Cubs to ever take the mound. He played in five big league games, one with the Braves and four with the 2005 Cubs. His ERA was 21.60. He did not allow any hits in the four games, but walked 11 of the 13 men he faced. He went just 1.2 IP his Cub life. Link

Jimmy Anderson
This guy spent from 1999-2002 with the Pirates before appearing in single-digit games with the Cubs, Reds, and Red Sox to end his career. Link

Josh Paul
This two-first named catcher played 9 years in the big leagues, but only 3 of his 321 games were in a Cub uniform. He went 0-6 for the club in 2003. He was signed in July and released in October of that same year. Link

Scott McClain
A third baseman, McClain has returned to the Cubs organization on a minor league contract that did not include an invite to big league camp. Scott spent 13 games with the Cubs in 2005 hitting .143, but who knows, maybe for the new decade he will become a member of the All Decade Cubs.

Jody Gerut
A speedy outfielder, Jody is much better remembered for his days with the Indians (before he came to the Cubs) and the Padres (after his stay in Chicago). Gerut hit .071 in 11 games for the Cubs in 2005, a year in which he played for three different clubs. On July 18, he came from Cleveland for Jason Dubois, and on July 31 he was shipped to Pittsburgh for Matt Lawton. Link

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