Friday, June 18, 2010

Numbers Breakdown: The Cubs Aren't Doing the Little Things

Today's poor performance defensively led to another Cubs tough loss to swallow. The Cubs have suffered from hitting woes, but they haven't played any "small ball" or good defense to help make up for the meager hitting.

Team Fielding
Fielding Percentage: .979 (14th in the NL, only better than Florida & Washington)
Errors: 52 (4th most in the league)
Team Leader in Errors: Starlin Castro, 8

Team HBP
The Cubs do not have many guys who are willing to "take one for the team." In fact, they only have one guy who's willing to do so.
Marlon Byrd HBP: 9
Rest of the Team: 12

Team Speed
The Cubbies are also a club with very little speed.
Total Stolen Bases: 30
NL Rank: 15th in the NL, only more swiped bags than the Giants
Team Leader: Ryan Theriot, 14 (Yes, the rest of the club has only 16)

Helping Yourself
0- the total number of home runs by a Cubs pitchers this year. Usually every once and awhile a hurler will help himself with a longball, but the Cubs staff (even Z) has yet to get one this year.

Moving Guys Over
The Cubs have done a recent job in the sacrifice department, it's driving the guys in that's been the problem!
Sac Hits/Bunts: 29
League Rank: 8th
Sac Flies: 23
League Rank: 6th

Remember... the numbers don't lie!

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