Saturday, June 19, 2010

Radio Recaps: Sandberg & Levine on ESPN Radio

Ryne Sandberg discussed the state of the Cubs with Waddle & Silvy on Thursday:
  • The season is going by pretty quickly for Ryno. The I-Cubs are tied for first and playing well.
  • One of the fun parts of managing at Triple-A is calling a guy into your office and telling them that they're going up to help the big league club.
  • Andrew Cashner was in the I-Cubs rotation for three starts and then he got the word from Chicago to move him to the bullpen.
  • Jeff Samardzija is 5-0 out of the pen for Iowa. He has gotten a couple of spot starts as well. Jeff is showing some improvement and working on some different things. Pitching more often is a good thing for him.
  • Sandberg said, "I believe that I'm ready (to manage in the big leagues) if someone else believes that I'm ready."
  • He would like to get a shot just like some of his players that are wondering why the phone hasn't rang for them yet.
  • Ryne's not sure what the biggest challenge of becoming a big league manager will be. He has learned how to manage the media and coach a lot of different areas in Iowa.
  • He's really enjoying what he's doing and he's having fun, so that's a good thing. If the chance to manage the Cubs ever came about, he'd like the opportunity.
  • He's been ejected two times so far this year at AAA.

Bruce Levine joined Afternoon Saloon on Friday to talk about yesterday's loss:

  • Carlos Silva cramped up after his at bat in the heat and was removed before the seventh.
  • The Cubs team "set themselves up" for the loss playing another bad ballgame on defense.
  • Jeff Baker made two costly errors at third base, but Levine does not like to get down on a guy for making errors. Overall, this team has not played good defense.
  • Lou take a long look at the numbers before each game. The reason Tyler Colvin led off yesterday was the fact that Scott Kazmir has trouble against lefties.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted on Everything Cubs as always.

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