Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Radio Recaps: Talkin' Z on The Score

It's our 700th post here on Everything Cubs Blog! Let's get into some radio chatter from this week so far.

Ken Rosenthal was on 670 the Score with Mully & Hanley yesterday to talk about Big Z:
  • The ideal solution would be to trade Carlos Zambrano immediately.
  • The idea that Zambrano cannot be traded isn't accurate. Ken cited the Milton Bradley trade as a situation where the Cubs saved money on a guy that was considered untradeable.
  • If Zambrano comes back, he will pitch in the bullpen. Then, they will work feverishly to trade him.
  • The only way Rosenthal could see a trade happening is if there's another big contract like Carlos Silva out there for the Cubs to swap for Z. He thinks there could be a few others out there that match.

Len Kasper was on the Danny Mac show to talk about the situation:

  • Brian Schlitter does not have a fork ball or else it would be a Schlitter splitter.
  • Just about every game Zambrano pitches Kasper is asked the question, "How do you think he'll be today?"
  • The team meeting on Saturday could help this club to relax more.
  • Len is not convinced that the Lou blowup in 2007 caused the Cubs hot streak, and he is not convinced that this incident will help this team play better.
  • Kasper didn't like the fact that Zambrano was not showing emotion towards himself, he was yelling at everyone else.
  • In the case of Z VS Lee, Derrek gets the benefit of the doubt.
  • D-Lee didn't want to fight Zambrano, he just told him to calm down and shut up.
  • There were issues with Carlos even before the Cubs gave him the big contract.
  • Len thinks that Zambrano was moved to the bullpen the first time because he fit there, not as a punishment. This time around, it is more of a punishment.
  • Kasper has never had an issue with Z off the field, and gets along with him great.
  • Walking into the clubhouse and saying "Hey guys, I'm sorry," might not cut it this time.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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