Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown to the Deadline: 5 Days

The Chicago Cubs have less than 5 days to dump players that are not going to be a part of the team in the future. The click is ticking on Jim Hendry, who has yet to make a move. With little activity, there is no shortage of rumors!

  • Jim Hendry told Comcast Sports Net that he expects a turnaround by 2012.

  • The Sun Times and Jon Heyman have contradicting reports on Carlos Pena. Heyman says that Pena is on his way out, but the Sun Times thinks they might hang on to him and could even bring him back next year.

  • Heyman tells us that the Cubs are looking to deal John Grabow, but that will not be easy.

  • The Red Sox and Indians have interest in Kosuke.

  • Sean Marshall, Ryan Dempster, Aramiz Ramirez, Kerry Wood and Matt Garza are all staying with the Cubs the rest of the season.

  • Jim Bowden tells us (via the CCO) that there are a great deal of teams interested in Marlon Byrd.

  • Jayson Stark of ESPN reports that Kosuke Fukudome could be the one Cub dealt at the deadline.

  • Stark believe that Carlos Pena would clear waivers for an August deal.

  • A Pittsburgh newspaper lists Pena as one of three bats that the Buccos are interested in!

Click here for my full deadline update from Sunday.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted throughout the week.

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