Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking Ahead to the Second Half

Tonight the second half of the season gets underway as the Cubs host the Marlins at 7:05 to start a four game series and a ten game homestand. Today we have a few links to get you ready for the second half!

My Sweet Spot Second Half Preview
I have been lucky enough to have some of my work included in the Sweet Spot blog on! Click here for the full NL second half preview, I did the part on the Cubs.

Jim Hendry's Trade Deadline Priority List
Jim Hendry needs to make some moves before July 31. I do not think many of the players on the current roster will help this team return to contention. Check out my priority list for Hendry that I put together over on View From the Bleachers. There was a lot of reaction in the comments there so feel free to jump in with your take or post your comments right here on Everything Cubs Blog.

Will Mike Quade be Back Next Season?
I think most of us expect the answer to this question to be yes. Hendry is probably not going to fire "his guy" after just one year. However, whether or not Q should be back is a different story. Check out my take as well as that of the other bloggers over at VFTB.

Midseason Grades
The other day I graded the performance with my annual midterm report cards right here on this site. Jump in with your thoughts!

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