Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Race for the Bottom

The Cubs and Astros begin a three game weekend series at Wrigley Field tomorrow afternoon. If the Cubs can find a way to be swept, they will inch closer to last place in the NL Central. Not only will the worst two teams in the division meet this weekend, but it is a matchup of the two worst clubs in baseball. At this point in the season, why not try to go for a high draft pick? The 'Stros have a good lead for the number one pick, but it's not unreachable for the Cubbies.

Here is a look at the race for the top draft pick, going into play Thurday night. Games ahead of the 30th place Stros are listed.

1. Houston, 33-65, --
2. Cubs, 39-60, 5.5 GA
3. Kansas City, 40-58, 7 GA
4. Baltimore, 39-56, 7.5 GA
5. Seattle/Oakland/LAD, 43-55, 10 GA

So if the season end like this, the Cubs would be awarded the second pick in next June's draft. The Royals are just 1.5 games ahead of the Cubs and the O's are just 2 games in front, so those two teams are still in the mix for the second pick. If the Astros have a strong second half and the Cubs continue to lose, there is still a shot at the number one pick.

I am still rooting for the Cubs to win every game... but wouldn't it be nice to have that No. 1 guy???

Would you rather see the Cubs finish in dead last and get the top pick or pick up the pace and end up with the fourth of fifth pick? Feel free to chime in by commenting!

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