Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andre Dawson to the Hall of Fame

Former Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson finally got the call from Cooperstown today. Everything Cubs blog would like to congratulate "The Hawk" for his well-deserved and long overdue honor.

Dawson received 77.9% of the vote, and was the only player to be elected today. Surprisingly, Bert Blyleven (72.2%) and Roberto Alomar (73.7%) fell just short.

Other former Cubs on the ballot who did not make the cut: Lee Smith (47.3%), Fred McGriff (21.5%), Eric Karros (0.4%), and Todd Zeile (0%). Also currently Cubs bench coach Alan Trammell came up short with 22.4%. Smith, McGriff, and Trammell reached the 5% mark that will put them on the ballot for next year.

Ron Santo was ranked #1 today on the MLB Network's "Prime 9" list of guys who should be in the HOF. Ronny will have another shot on the veterans committee in December.

Now, the question for Dawson is which hat to wear. Andre played for the Montreal Expos from 1976-1986, the Cubs from '87-'92, and then spent 2 seasons each with the Red Sox and Marlins to finish out his career. Carrie Muskat of says Dawson hinted to her that it would be a Cub cap, but the only problem is that the decision does not belong to The Hawk. Since 2001, the National Baseball Hall of Fame has had control of what team each player goes in as. I really think they need to change this so the player can pick. It seems equally likely that Andre could go in as an Expo. We should find out in the next couple of days.

After the live announcement, Andre joined the guys on the MLB Network:
  • Dawson was at home today when he got the call.
  • He was optimistic that he might get the call this year.
  • The announcement was at 2:00 (Eastern) so he was a little worried when he hadn't received a phone call yet at 1:40.
  • Right now he really can't explain how good he feels.
  • The process has taken awhile, but it's the greatest feeling an individual can have.
  • He definitely thinks Tim Raines will be in the Hall someday. Raines deserves it.
  • The Hawk didn't envision being in the HOF when he was playing the game. Towards the end of his career, which was a tough time for him, he felt like he had played long enough and gave it his all.
  • When Bob Costas asked what cap he would wear, Andre said that it would be determined at a later date. Dawson will talk with the people from the Hall of make that decision.

Dawson was also on Waddle and Silvy on ESPN 1000 before the announcement was made:

  • Andre slept like a baby last night.
  • He would like to get in when he is as young as possible.
  • Each year he "hopes that that is the year." Typical Cub.
  • Dawson wasn't planning on sitting by the phone today.
  • Last night he prayed and crossed his fingers.
  • He is disappointed that it took this long for him to get in.
  • Waiting for to get in "can get frustrating over the years".
  • He listens to the "supposedly experts and critics" and some of it makes sense but a lot of it doesn't.
  • Andre thinks one of his major cons is his low OBP. He says the on base percentage is just a small part of the big picture, pointing out that he didn't go up there looking for a walk.
  • The only player he's played with that are in the Hall of Fame are Ryne Sandberg and Gary Carter.
  • When Rice was elected, he did feel that his vote totalled might be boosted in the future.
  • "Never in a million years" would Dawson have expected Sandberg to a manager.
  • Andre wouldn't say whether or not he would be willing to be a part of Ryno's coaching staff when/if Sandberg becomes the manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Check out Hawk 4 The Hall blog that did a great job gaining support for Dawson.

More on this in the next few days!

Once again, Congratulations Andre Dawson.

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