Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cubs Convention Recaps: You Think You Know These Guys?

For the next week our two, I will continue my full recap of the Cubs Convention. Today, we focus on the "You Think You Know These Guys?" session hosted by Garry Meier of WGN Radio. Garry was joined by Ryan Dempster, Ryan Theriot, Micah Hoffpauir, Sam Fuld, and Justin Berg to find a little bit about the personal side of your favorite Cubs.
  • Meier first realized what Cub national is really like when he sang the 7th inning stretch last summer.
  • He told a story about when he was a journalist was assigned to take a blind sportscaster to the game. He didn't know much about the Cubs, so he was a little nervous. When he went in the locker room to interview Ron Santo, he didn't know who Ron was.
  • Ryan Theriot would have pursued a career in modeling if he did not become a pro baseball player.
  • Sam Fuld says that when you run into the wall at Wrigley, the pain it depend on what time of year it is.
  • Dempster feel that guys on steroids are cheating everyone who's ever played the game of Major League Baseball.
  • Fuld thinks that Fenway and Wrigley "are in a league of their own" as far as baseball ballparks because of all the history and tradition.
  • "If you can't get excited to play at Wrigley, then it's hard to get excited to play anywhere," Fuld said.
  • The law of averages say that sooner or later, the World Series is going to happen according to Theriot.
  • Ryan Dempster said it took him about 35 minutes to get from the front desk to the elevator because of all the autographs. If the Cubs win the World Series, Demp thinks the players will need to be air lifted out of Wrigley.
  • Justin said after the game a lot of guys like to just go out and get some dinner. Berg likes to play guitar or catch a movie in his free time on the road.
  • Being superstitious was discussed. Some of the guys like to wear the same clothes the next day when the team wins.
  • Dempster's daughter Riley is doing very good.
  • Ryan warms up with some light weights, running, and stretching before he starts to throw. This helps be able to get ready throwing quicker.
  • Demp told about (once again) the prank the he did for MLB productions a few year back when he hid Will Ohman's tires around the ballpark.
  • Fontenot and Theriot are pretty close. They go to each other's house a lot and hang out. In the offseason they hunt and fish together. Ryan feels like he's baby sitting Mike sometimes.
  • Milton Bradley was mentioned at almost every session during the weekend. Hoffpauir didn't have much of a problem with Bradley, calling him a pretty good dude.
  • Dempster did one of his great Harry Caray impersonations. Ryan loved watch Harry calling Cub games.
  • Justin Berg plans to stick with what has got him to wear he is in Spring Training. He plans to throw strikes and get ahead in the count.
  • Micah looks up to Derrek Lee calling him one of the more respectable players in the game today.
  • The players try to ignore most of the Internet and blog rumors. They try to stay away from all the rumors out there because they can only control their play on the field.
  • Dempster thinks that the new ownership is great. The Ricketts want excellence and excellence all the way around. Improving the facilities is OK right now, because the Cubs already have the team to win.
  • Ryan has a good time with the rookie hazing. When Demp was a rookie with Florida, he was put in diapers and a bib. Hoffpauir was pork the pig, Berg was superwomen, Fuld was Mrs. American, and Theriot was a cheerleader.
  • Jake Fox sulked after being dressed up. Then the guys put a Sponge Bob outfit in his locker after a big home run.
  • Dempster never got a cool nickname growing up. He was always just Demp or R.D.
  • Theriot gave himself a nickname last week when he was hunting and he missed a dear twice. Ryan thinks his new nickname should be the barber because he shaves the dear but doesn't kill it.
  • Sam Fuld was a little upset (jokingly) when a lady told him that Randy Wells signed over his autograph.
  • Theriot says that the energy playing at Wrigley Field is like nothing else because of the fans.
  • The Riot would love to be a Cub for the rest of his career. He can't see himself playing anywhere else.
  • Hoffpauir would like to make a living via hunting or business. Berg would probably be playing in a band. Fuld thinks being a flower delivery guy would be fun, because everyone would probably like you, and it would be a low stress job.
  • Demp believes that the pro baseball players have the best job in the world. When you have families, it gets hard during the regular season. The team spends most of their off days travelling. You just have to try to make most of the time you spend at home.
  • Micah thinks you get used to the day games. When you're done with a day game, you get home by 6:00 and have a chance to spend some time with your family.
  • Theriot thinks it's an advantage for the Cubs because they get used to it, while the visiting teams do not.
  • Hoffpauir goes by the motto that his dad told him when he was growing up, "If you don't enjoy what you're doing, then don't do it." Micah says he doesn't play for the money, but because he enjoys it.
  • Dempster says the most fun he has all season is facing Albert Pujols because of the challenge.
  • Theriot thinks that it's a good idea to have the mental part of the game involved in your everyday preparation because of the 162 game grind.
  • A lot of the guys love the heckling and think it's fun.
  • Dempster thinks you hear the heckling a lot more as an away player. Demp likes heckling only when it is clean.
  • When Theriot made an error at LSU, a fan threw a boot on the field.
  • When Demp played in Florida, you could really hear the heckling because there were only about 4,000 fans.
  • Dempster got the chance to play soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey growing up.
  • Theriot says that as minor leaguers, you go into Spring Training hoping to catch some body's eye. Ryan's goal has always been to work harder than the guy next to him.
  • Sam's favorite movie is "Field of Dreams". He is a little biased being a baseball fan, but he said that it's "not just a baseball movie".
  • Justin Berg likes Old School, while Hoffpauir mentioned The Notebook.
  • Hoff said that when you miss a good pitch that you should do something with at the big league level, it's frustrating. You don't get a lot of mistakes in the bigs, so you try to take advantage of it whenever you can.
  • In 3rd grade, Hoffpauir put on his career goals list that he wanted to be a professional baseball player. The teacher came over and said, "Really, what do you want to be." He showed her.
  • Bringing in Greg Maddux to the front office staff was the best Cubs offseason move so far according to Demp.

That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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