Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Dawson Reaction

The guys talked about Dawson on Chicago Tribune Live. Fred Mitchell called the "blank contract" good theatre for the beat writers because contract negotiations were usually behind closed doors. This made good stories for the journalists. Dawson and the Cubs finally reached a contract despite some difficulties. Andre new he wanted to play in Chicago. He loved day baseball and playing on the grass in the big city. Fred said at the time "it seemed too go to be true" for the Cubs fans when a player of Dawson's caliber played for the Cubs for $500,000. Steve Stone joined the guys to talk about the Hawk:
  • Dawson epitomized what you what of a Major League Baseball player.
  • He can represent your team well on and off the field.
  • Stone called Andre's first year with the Cubs magnificent. It was unfortunate that the team still finished lost.
  • Steve doesn't think Dawson would have done "some of the things that the players in the 90s did" even if Hawk played during that time period.
  • The only thing that Rice did better than Andre was pure hitting, but every aspect of The Hawk's game was sensational.
  • Fred and Steve liked the facts that Dawson did the little thing. Stoney said, "He would do everything he could to help the team win."
  • In the 1989 playoffs, Andre couldn't put any weight on one leg but still played.
  • "Let's hope there's a Cub cap on Andre's head when he goes in," well said by Stone.

Andre Dawson had his live press conference earlier today in New York City. Here are some notes:

  • Jack O'Connell, the BBWAA treasurer, spoke highly of Dawson. He is the 109th player elected to the Hall of Fame. "Today he is second to none," he said.
  • This year was the first time they had a third recount because the voting was so close.
  • Jeff Idelson, the Hall of Fame president, said that one of every 100 MLB players make it to Cooperstown. The Ford C. Frick award (by the way) will be announced February 1.
  • Idelson said they called Andre "the manager's dream".
  • Next Jeff put Dawson's jersey and cap on him for the final time. (They were the National Baseball Hall of Fame jersey and cap).
  • Dawson made the following brief remark prior to the Q&A session- "I must say that the last 24 hours have been very emotional and quite overwhelming. Upon my retirement in 1996, after 20 years of Major League Baseball, there was one other uniform I wanted to put on, and it was this one." Then he thanked the BBWAA saying that he is enthusiastic and excited beyond words.
  • Once Andre had the left knee done, his right knee felt a great deal better. The announcement of what cap he would be made later in the day, according to Dawson at this time. Idelson said that the final decision will be made by the HOF, but they always consider what the player wants.
  • Andre worked very hard at both offense and defense, but he is move enthusiastic about the Gold Gloves.
  • "Yeah they got a pretty good deal," he said when asked about the famous blank contract.
  • He wanted to play in the United States and get off the turf in Montreal. It was not about the money for Dawson, it was about his love of the game.
  • Andre made the offer to two teams, Atlanta and the Cubs. The Cubs were his first choice.
  • Dallas Green was shocked when Dawson took the $500,000 contract.
  • If he would have stayed in Montreal, his career would have been a lot shorter. Andre was happy to get the chance to play at both Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.
  • Dawson didn't like playing in the American League. He wasn't a fan of being the DH, and he realized that he better retire before someone had to carry him off the field.
  • The person who had the greatest influence on his baseball career was his grandmother. She was the one who made him go to college instead of straight into the big leagues.
  • Andre was a little more optimistic this year because he had no one left in front of him to hurtle, but you can't be too certain. He new that the only possible first ballot guy was Alomar and there had never been a year when nobody went in.
  • Today would have been his mother's birthday. She died in 2006. Dawson thought of his mother a lot yesterday while waiting to find out whether or not he was going into the Hall. He visited her grave sight prior to getting home for "the phone call".
  • Dawson is grateful that both the Expos and Cubs gave them the chance to play for them. He got his start with the Expos, but playing at Wrigley Field was "amazing" and it "rejuvenated his career". The way the Cubs fans embraced him the first year propelled him to win the MVP award.
  • Andre thinks he owes the Cubs' organization a lot.
  • He played in Montreal for ten years and had a wonderful time there.
  • Dawson admitted that he had "a very painful career (because of his knee)". The problem started with a high school football injury. He had to take medicine "almost daily".
  • The Hawk focused on his work ethic to get past the injury.
  • He doesn't regret not making it the the World Series, but that's pretty much was you work for every year. He was on teams that were a player or two short of getting to that.

Len Kasper was on the Danny Mac Show today:

  • Kasper called Dawson "a class act". He always acted like he had been there before, he never treated a home run like it was his first. The Hawk only had a few "blow ups" and they were understandable.
  • You have to put his numbers in context with his era. He was just before the steroid era.
  • Andre doing it naturally, being a great teammate, and the knee thing could have all factored in to some votes.
  • Mac says "honestly as a baseball fan I don't care whether the guy is nice or not". Mac doesn't think the BBWAA writers should have given Roberto Alomar a "slap on the wrist" for the spitting an the umpire thing.
  • Len doesn't think it will take anything from Dawson as a Cub if he goes in with an Expos hat on. Trying to be objective, Kasper said that he thinks The Hawk is an Expo first.
  • Andre could keep the Expoes dream alive! The guys joked that they never knew that the odd looking letter on the hat was an M.
  • Kasper agrees that it should be the Hall's choice. He would be surprised if it is not an Expos hat.
  • Len talked more about the Len & Bob Bash for Cubs charities. This will be the fourth year of the bash. Kasper and B.B. will get up on stage, and Matt (Mac) from 670 will get up there as well. You can still get tickets to the event, which will kick off the Cubs Convention.
  • The discussion turned to the Cubs offseason. Kasper thinks Marlon Byrd will play really good defense. He's not a great hitter, but he is a good hitter. If he's healthy, he'll be fine. The Cubs need help "up the middle".
  • Kasper thinks chemistry comes from winning, not the other way around. The clubhouse was weird with Bradley last year, but not bad.
  • When teams are bad, it's no fun to be in the clubhouse whether you love everybody or not.
  • Tyler Colvin is "a forth or fifth outfielder if he's a major leaguer at this point".
  • Len thinks this team can do it in 2010.
  • Patience is a virtue during this offseason. There are going to be solid guys who sign minor league contracts because of the economy. Len would be shocked if Jim doesn't add a veteran type guy for cheap who can compete for the rotation. A caller motioned Ben Sheets.

Keith Moreland joined Waddle and Silvy today to talk about the Hawk and college football. We'll focus on the former of those two topics:

  • At some point, Zonk thinks Lee Smith will be a Hall of Famer as well.
  • Dawson really understands the game of baseball. He will steal a base when you need him too.
  • Andre was the best high ball hitter that Keith has ever seen. The only one close is Albert Pujols.
  • Moreland says that there's no doubt that Roberto Alomar will be in. Keith thinks it is totally wrong that 5 voters turned in their ballots completely empty.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted on Everything Cubs as always!

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