Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breaking News: Keith Moreland Joins WGN Radio Broadcast Team

The Cubs and WGN Radio announced today that Keith Moreland take over for the late Ron Santo as Pat Hughes' partner in the WGN Radio broadcast booth. Moreland played for the Cubs in the 1980s at a variety of positions, mostly third base and outfield. Keith filled in for Bob Brenly and Ron Santo several times past few years.

Pat and Keith's first game together is just over a week away. It will be Sunday Feb. 27 at 2:00 as the Cubs meet the Oakland A's in the Cactus League opener. Moreland was a broadcaster for the Texas Longhorns, but he says that he will be fully committed to the Cubs.

According to the poll on the right sidebar, 70% of you were hoping for Dave Otto. Moreland's contract is for three years.

I think Keith will do a fine job. It is going to be tough all season hearing someone else work with Pat. The Pat & Ron Show was something very, very special that will never be duplicated. I will continue to miss Ron Santo for every day the rest of my life.

Keith joined Pat, Dave Eanet and Mike McConnell on WGN Radio today:
  • Moreland is very excited, but he hates to be sitting in this seat because he cannot replace Ron Santo.
  • Pat congratulated his new partner.
  • Keith says that this is a day that he will never forget. He is excited to come back to the Cubs.
  • Hughes told Moreland that the new guy pays for lunch until the All Star Break.
  • Moreland started his broadcasting career on WGN Radio doing a show with Bob Collins and doing some Bears talk.
  • He explained how his nickname Zonk got started when he was in the minor leagues. He was called Zonk after Larry Zonka because nobody could tackle him when they played games at the hotel pool.
  • Moreland feels like he is a Cub. Playing as a Cub was an incredible experience for him.
  • The love affair with the Cubs started in 1984.
  • Zonk will never forget the Ryne Sandberg game. That is one game that stands out from his career.
  • He believes that the Cubs will win the World Series in his lifetime. "It's going to happen," he said.
  • Hughes is looking forward to the start of the new season, which is just 11 days away.
  • Pat thinks that the Reds, Cardinals and Brewers will be considered the favorites, but the Cubs could surprise a lot of people.
  • Moreland is also optimistic about the team's chances.
  • Leaving Texas and going to the Cubs makes it feel like Keith is going from one family to another.
  • Keith wants to have fun in the booth and bring his Southern style to the booth.
  • He called Pat a Hall of Fame broadcaster.
  • Hughes expects Cubs radio broadcasts to continue to be fun. If Moreland spills his soap on his pants, Pat will have to report it.
  • A couple years ago when Keith subbed for Bob Brenly it was his first night game at Wrigley.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted!

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