Saturday, February 19, 2011

Radio Recaps: Bruce Levine's Latest on Talkin' Baseball

Bruce Levine talked baseball on ESPN 1000 today. Here are some of the things he had to say about Chicago's North Side baseball team.
  • Randy Wells and Carlos Silva have not been guaranteed a spot on the Cubs roster.
  • Andrew Cashner will be given a shot to start. He that does not work out, he will be in the pen.
  • Since James Russell is the only lefty in the mix, he will be given a fair chance at the rotation.
  • One fan called in to complain about a surcharge that is put into effect when someone tries to buy tickets early. If a team can make some money by doing something, they are going to do it.
  • Fred does not want to hear about Albert Pujols. Levine agrees that this story has not legs because it is ten months away.
  • Bruce says that it is certainly possible that the Cubs could bring in a Field or a Pujols, but the guys agree that it may be too much to spend on a 33-year old that you will be stuck with for ten years.
  • Levine thinks that GMs need to pay players for what they think they will do during the contract, not what they have already done.

Tom Ricketts joined the guys to talk Cubs baseball:

  • Ricketts wants the team to build on the momentum that they had at the end of last season.
  • He wants the Cubs to use this next 40 days effectively to get ready for April 1.
  • Jim Hendry has 100% support from the Ricketts family. Tom thinks that Hendry had a terrific offseason making the most of what little flexibility the team had going into the offseason.
  • Ricketts is excited to have Carlos Pena on the ballclub. A contract extension late in the season if he is having a good year could be an option for Hendry.
  • It is true that the Cubs will have a lot more flexibility next offseason. How they decide to put that money to work will be decided late in the season.
  • Fans will see more food options that the concession stands this year.
  • Levine asked Tom where he stood on a second wild card. Ricketts can see both sides of it and does not have a hardwired opinion.

That's it for now, I'll have more later on the first day of full squad workouts!

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