Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Levine's Latest Before the Snow

Here's the latest from Bruce Levine's popular weekly chat, which takes place every Tuesday over at ESPNChicago.com.
  • Jay Jackson has a live arm and could make the club out of Spring Training.
  • Bruce thinks the White Sox have a better chance at the playoff than the Cubs "at this point."
  • The Cubs have no plans to switch Sean Marshall to the rotation. James Russell will be given a chance.
  • Starlin Castro leading off for the Cubs is within the realm of possibility. Baker, Kosuke and DeWitt are other candidates.
  • The Cubs will continue to be one of the slowest teams in the majors.
  • The Cubs will not trade Geovany Soto, but if they are having another bad season Carlos Marmol could be dealt.
  • Levine does not think Samardzija has been handled very well.
  • Bruce does not expect a sophomore slump out of Starlin Castro. He should be much improved on defense.
  • If Aramis Ramirez plays well, the Cubs will consider picking up his $15 million option. Otherwise, they'll have to pay a $1 million buyout.
  • Mark Riggins is a new voice but he has lots of experience. Bruce expects him to be a good fit.
  • The Cubs see Brett Jackson as their leadoff man and center fielder of the future.
  • The consensus in the organization is that Trey McNutt has more upside than Chris Archer.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted!

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