Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Radio Recaps: Perez and Quade on Sports Central

Update: Robert Coello traded to the Cubs. More info at bottom of post.

Cubs outfielder Fernando Perez joined Judd Sirott and Glen Kozlowski on Sports Central this past weekend:
  • Perez had to learn how to simulate baseball in some very odd environments playing baseball at Columbia.
  • He got kicked out of the gym at one time in college for PE tennis. Fernando was trying to get some extra hitting in just before the draft.
  • "Garza was the throw in," Perez said (referring to his trade to the Cubs).
  • When Fernando called Matt to talk to him about the trade, Garza had no idea that he was included.
  • He is excited to train in Arizona for the first time. He hears that it is a big upgrade over Florida.
  • Perez was excited to meet Carlos Zambrano. He is a huge Zambrano fan and his entire family loves Alfonso Soriano. Perez wore 12 for Sori for a year in college.
  • He met most of the guys at the convention very briefly.
  • Fernando does not have a lot of autographs, but at some point he may ask for Alfonso's.
  • Perez does not plan on singing during Cubs Idol.
  • Carlos Pena is very kid friendly. He is a guy "you really, really root for."
  • Having two teammates come with him will help ease the transition. He is looking forward to meeting a bunch of new teammates this spring.

Mike Quade joined Koz and Memolo on Sunday to preview Spring Training:

  • Quade is hoping for more of what he got for his team the last two months of 2010.
  • Mike's job is to continue to build respect for himself as a manager and make his expectations clear to his players.
  • He does not care whether or not there is a huge following at the start of Spring Training. He is fine with things being more quiet around the team, but he is not sure if it helps or not.
  • Q thinks that this team has a lot of improvement to make before the start of the season.
  • Mike thinks that chemistry matters. The Cubs have added two good people in Pena and Garza.
  • He called Perez "a sleeper" who he is excited to see play.
  • Fernando is a bright kid, and Mike would like to think he is a hungry kid. Koz is pulling for this kid to make the team out of Spring Training.
  • Guys who can have success in a division like the American League East should be able to handle the atmosphere of Wrigley Field.
  • Quade has not idea where players will hit in the batting order at this point. Mike is not sure how many at-bats Tyler Colvin will get this season.
  • He is expecting big things from Colvin this season. He would like to see improvement on his solid 2010 season.
  • The Cubs are going to give Tyler some time at first base so that they have a backup when Pena needs a day off.
  • If this team is going to have success, it will have to pitch well. Garza, Dempster and Z all need to have really good years. Those three guys are going to anchor the rotation.
  • The Cubs need Aramis Ramirez to flat out hit.

Update 5:00 pm

Add another name to the competition for spots in the Cubs bullpen. The Boston Red Sox have traded right handed reliever Robert Coello to the Cubs. In return, minor league infielder Tony Thomas is sent the other way. Coello made his big league debut last season, pitching in only six games. He will be added to the 40-man roster, which will stand at 39.

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