Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quick Hits as the Winter Meetings Approach

Let's catch up on the latest from the Cubs from the past few days-

  • The Cubs did not offer arbitration to Kevin Gregg, Rich Harden, Reed Johnson, or Chad Fox. If any of these guys sign with a different team, the Cubs will not receive any draft picks.
  • The Cubs could still re-sign Reed Johnson, but if they offered him arbitration, they'd risk him getting a big raise.
  • Each member of the Cub received $8,261.97 in compensation for finishing second place in the NL Central.
  • Progress is slow on the Milton Bradley front. Jon Heyman has tossed out the Rays, Giants, Royals, and Padres as "still possible" places for Milton.
  • Talks of the Milton Bradley for Pat Burrel swap are still alive. According to the New York Post the trade is a "strong possibility". (Thanks to MLBTR for this one).
  • According to Jon Paul Morosi, The Cubs are serious about Curtis Granderson, but they have made it known that they won't give up Marmol or Castro. Andrew Cashner and Josh Vitter could be sent to the Tigers in return for Curtis.
  • Danny Rodrigez, who is pitching in winter ball, is expected to sign with the Cubs soon.
  • Bruce Miles doesn't think that Milton Bradley will be traded by the Winter Meetings, but maybe at the meetings, which start next Monday.
  • The Cubs are one team interested in Rafael Betancourt. He was offered arbitration yesterday, so now if the Cubs were to sign him it would cost them their #49 pick.
  • The Cubs may look at Vicente Padilla or Jarrod Washburn as options for the rotation according to ESPN via Chicago Cubs Online.
  • Ricketts met with the governor of Florida to talk about Spring Training in Naples.
  • If the Cubs do move to Florida, Crane Kenney says that the Cubs would likely move their Class A Daytona team to the new Spring Training stadium.
  • MLB Players would like to see 7 game division series.
  • Carrie Muskat says trading Milton Bradley, and finding a center fielder are the priorities for the Cubs, who will focus on trades (not FA signings) at the Baseball's Winter Meetings next week.
  •'s Q&A with Jeff Stevens

The stove is started to heat up, and with the Winter Meetings Mon.-Wed. next week, it is just going to get more fun! So, that's it for now, but I'll keep you posted!

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