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Milton Bradley Traded to Seattle

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According to ESPN the Cubs have traded Milton Bradley to Seattle for right handed pitcher Carlos Silva. The Mariners will sent a total of $9 million to the Cubs, and $3M of that amount will be to even out the difference between Silva and Bradley's salary in 2010. The other $6 million "constitutes payroll relief for the Cubs and will be paid out over 2010 and 2011.

Bruce Levine says that the money could be used to help the Cubs add a center fielder so that Kosuke can be moved to right.

The Cubs have watched Carlos Silva in Venezuela the last 7-10 days.

As Paul Sullivan points out, the Cubs will visit Seattle for interleague play June 22-24.

Here is the official press release from

Info on Carlos Silva:

  • 30 years old
  • Right Handed Pitcher
  • 1-3 with an 8.60 ERA in only 8 games in 2009 due to injuries
  • 4-15 with 6.46 ERA in 28 Games in 2008
  • Career 60-64 record with an ERA of 4.72
  • Signed by the Phillies as an amateur free agent in 1996
  • MLB Debut: April 1, 2002
  • Played for Phillies (2002-2003), Twins (2004-2007), and Mariners (2008-2009) before being traded to the Cubs
  • Currently playing for Caribes in the Venezuelan Winter League. He has an ERA of 8.00 in 4 games there so far, going a total of 9 innings.

Ryan Theriot joined Waddle & Silvy today to talk about the trade & more:

  • When asked about his mood after the Bradley trade, Theriot said he's doing better because the sun is out, and he heard a trade rumor that the Cubs are doing their best to get Drew Brees.
  • Ryan saying that his memory of the Saints growing up is his dad throwing the remote at the TV by the second or third quarter because they were so bad. Now it's good times in New Orleans.
  • When asked if he was avoiding the (Milton Bradley) topic, Theriot said, "What topic?"
  • Theriot said that it really is surprising to him that Milton was traded to the Mariners.
  • He said that he knows Silva is a bulldog and a good guy to have on your staff.
  • Silvy said Silva has a good reputation.
  • Ryan isn't worried about the Cubs.
  • Talent wise, the sky is the limit for Milton Bradley. "Just my judging last season, it's really a coin flip what you're going to get," Theriot said.
  • If things would have been going well on the field, it would have been a totally different story.
  • Ryan learned how to stay humble and professional no matter what from Kerry Wood.
  • Bradley was a wear on the entire Cubs team. Ryan did everything possible to try to help the situation, but it was just difficult for everybody. Bradley being gone will help the clubs focus and make the Cubs much better.

Bert Blyleven also joined the Waddle & Silvy show today to talk about Carlos Silva:

  • Bert was there the day when Milton Bradley tossed the ball into the stands.
  • As a Twins broadcaster and fan, he kind of liked Bradley's move to toss the ball into the stands.
  • He also likes Jim Hendry's move to trade "his headache".
  • Silva went to Seattle and had a miserable year after pitching well in Minnesota.
  • Carlos has had some back problems, and in 2009 his shoulder flared up, so he made only 6 starts.
  • Silva has good control, a good sinking fastball, and is a battler.
  • Blyleven compared him to Carlos Zambrano, except he doesn't walk or strikeout a lot of guys.
  • Carlos gives up a lot of home runs. In 2006, he gave up a league leading 30 home runs. When his sinker stays up in the strike zone, it's a very hittable pitch.
  • Silva has a chance to turn over a new leaf with the Chicago Cubs. All is not lost.
  • He "works his rear end off", has a great work ethic, and is a great guy to have in the clubhouse.
  • Carlos is dedicated to the game of baseball. If he's healthy, Blyleven thinks he will be a great fit for the Cubs.

Yesterday (before the trade) Ron Santo talked with Waddle & Silvy:

  • Ronny's feeling well. Marc had just had dinner with Andy Masur in San Diego, and Marc was talking with Marc for the first time in awhile.
  • As long as he's feeling good, Santo will do as many games as he can broadcasting on WGN Radio next season.
  • Ron has been working out every other day all winter.
  • When he doesn't travel with the team, he goes nuts at home. He says he's better off being there.
  • "I just love working with that man. He's the best," Ron said of his partner Pat Hughes.
  • There was no doubt in Ron's mind that he'd be back for the next 3 years. He's been surprised that everyone has been calling him congratulating him on the 3 year contract.
  • Broadcasting and watching the Cubs at the ballpark is like therapy for him. When he walks in the ballpark, he feels really good.
  • Ron loves the Ricketts family taking over the team because he came up with the Wrigley family. He liked playing for a family owned team because it's more personable.
  • Tom's definitely going to bring a winner here. The talent is there and the Cubs are on the right track.
  • Ron believed definitely that Bradley would be moved. He was right. Santo added that there will be other moves for the Cubs.
  • He thinks we'll see more trades than free agent signings.
  • The key for the Cubs returning to postseason play is health. When you have 4 of your main pitchers out for a month, Aramis Ramirez out for 2.5 months, and bad years from Soto, Bradley, and Soriano, that's what happens. Soto has the talent to come back and stay healthy, and Ronny thinks Soriano will be back next year. Santo thinks Kosuke will be moved to right field.
  • He likes Theriot in the leadoff spot or the number two spot, but the Cubs are still looking at other leadoff men.

Paul Sullivan joined Boers and Bernstein on 670 the Score today:

  • When asked how he was, Sully said "Can you here the champagne?"
  • Half the time you could get a good interview with Bradley half the time he was a lunatic.
  • Hendry knew what he was getting with Milton Bradley
  • Jim took all the blame, and rightfully so.
  • Paul says that lots of this is Bradley's fault, but Hendry will have to live with the move to get him the rest of his career.
  • Tom Ricketts was paying close attention to the Bradley situation to ensure that Hendry made the right move.
  • At one point Jim thought he could get a serviceable player, but he got sick of trying to work out a better trade than Silva.
  • The Cubs did not want to take this through Christmas.
  • Marlon Byrd could be the next move. Sully is not a big fan of Byrd, he would rather the Cubs make a play at Jermaine Dye and leave Kosuke in center.
  • The Cubs lack a power hitter for the 5th spot in the lineup.
  • Sullivan says that the Cubs need to look at all options before they move Kosuke to right.
  • Byrd is going to want a 3 year deal, he has the same agent of Milton Bradley, and he's getting older.
  • Guys don't draw a lot of walks under Rudy Jaramillo. Rudy likes guys to swing.
  • It's going to be interesting to watch what Jaramillo can do to reshape the Cubs bats.
  • Sullivan says that the window is still open for the Cubs team because the division they play in is going to leave it open.
  • Once you win the division and get in the playoffs, who knows.
  • If Soriano and Soto have better years, that will help tremendously.
  • It's hard to stay how much the Bradley stuff really affected the Cubs' play on the field.
  • There were a hand full of people who didn't speak to Milton the entire season according to Sullivan.
  • Once Hendry told the team the news that Bradley was going to be suspended for the last two weeks of the season, the team celebrated and cheered in the clubhouse.

Still more to come, expect this post to be updated once again.

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