Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Numbers Breakdown: Cubs Outfield Candidates

Who will the Cubs land as their starting center fielder? Today we take a look at the numbers of Marlon Byrd, Rick Ankiel, Scott Podsednik, and Reed Johnson to see who the better hitter is (since hitting is what the Cubs need!)

Career Batting Average:
Ankiel- .251
Podsednik- .277
Byrd- .279
Reed- .282

Point Johnson

2009 Batting Average
Ankiel- .231
Podsednik- .304
Byrd- .283
Johnson- .255

Point Scotty Pods

Career OBS
Ankiel- .763
Podsednik- .720
Byrd- .762
Johnson- .755

Point Ankiel

2009 OBS
Ankiel- .672
Podsednik- .764
Byrd- .808
Johnson- .742

Point Byrd

2009 HR
Ankiel- 11
Podsednik- 7
Byrd- 20
Johnson- 4

Point Byrd

2009 RBIs
Ankiel- 38
Podsednik- 48
Byrd- 89
Johnson- 22

Point Byrd

2009 SB
Ankiel- 4
Podsednik- 30
Byrd- 8
Johnson- 2

Point Pods

So Marlon Byrd wins this numbers breakdown 3-2-1-1. However, it's hard to say who is the best of these players because they are all completely different. It's interesting that the Cubs are looking at all of them, because they are so different. Rick Ankiel has the best career hitting wise, but he had a down year in 2009. Marlon Byrd is a power guy that would go in the middle of the Cubs order, maybe hitting 5th. Podsednik could hit at the top of the order, but he's more of a speed and defense guy. Reed could be brought back in addition to signing one of the other three because the Cubs need bench depth/someone who could platoon with Kosuke in right.

Remember, the numbers don't lie!

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