Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catching Up Quick Hits after the Holiday

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! Let's catch up:

Cubs TV Announcer Bob Brenly was on the Danny Mac Show on 670 the Score earlier this week:

  • Brenly's daughter got engaged over Thanksgiving and his son did so a week later.
  • Bob's offseason is going good so far.
  • Milton Bradley is a very talented player when he lets his play do the talking and keeps his mouth shut.
  • Brenly thinks that Bradley "had to go" calling him a "huge disruption in the clubhouse."
  • He is not sure what Silva will bring to the team. Carlos' role is still unknown.
  • The Free Agent class this year is not the strongest, but there are some role players out there that could increase the Cubs chances to win next year.
  • Bob says that we need the guys we have on the roster to perform at the level that they are expected to in 2010. Ramirez, Kosuke, Soto, and Soriano all need to stay healthy and bounce back.
  • Brenly thinks Zambrano will be back next year even though he hasn't achieved the kind of success that he should so far in his career with his talent level.
  • The Yankees might not have the prospects the Cubs would need in return for Zambrano. If they were to pull off a trade, it would have to be a 3-way deal so the Cubs can get some solid prospects back.
  • Kosuke is out of his comfort zone in center field. He's much more comfortable in right field.
  • Bob would not like to see Felix Pie back in the Cub uniform. The combination of Reed Johnson and Sam Fuld could be enough.
  • The Cubs would still like to get a guy who could play center every day and lead off, but if that guy is not out there, Reed and Fuld isn't the worse thing that could happen.
  • B.B. thinks Carlos Marmol will be similar to Mitch Williams as Cub closer. The Cubs need a guy like Matt Capps who would be a plan B if Marmol were to stumble.
  • Bob Brenly doesn't step across the line in dealing with Michael. It's a little bit of a balancing act because Bob has to be an employee and a father.
  • The younger Brenly made great strides defensively in 2009.
  • B.B.'s looking forward to the Len and Bob Bash.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted on Everything Cubs as always as the weekend moves along.

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