Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cubs Christmas Gift Ideas

First of all, notice that we have a new poll up on the right sidebar of our blog! Thanks to everyone who voted on the last poll. This week, we will be continuing our All Decade Cubs Series by moving on to the outfield. We will be taking the top 3 outfielders in the voting for our team, but you still can only vote for one. Because of the holidays and the fact that we will be taking the top 3, this poll will be up for two weeks instead of just one. Please vote based on performance in a Cub uniform in the 2000s only!
Now, since Christmas in approaching, let's take a look at some Cubs related gifts that I would recommend. If you still have last minute shopping to do, here are some great ideas:

10. Sweet Lou and the Cubs by George Castle

In this great read, George focuses on the 2008 Cubs season. He tells mostly about Cubs manager Lou Piniella, but also quite a bit of good info recapping the 2008 season describing the type of season each of the key players had under Lou. Right now, going back to relive a 97 win season sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

9. The Pat & Ron Show CD

Join the Cubs radio broadcast team on their humorous adventure of broadcasting the Chicago Cubs on a daily basis. If you enjoy listening to Pat Hughes and Ron Santo during the summer, and you are missing the guys this winter, this is the perfect gift. Anyone who likes to laugh, likes baseball, or both can enjoy this CD. Link

8. Cubs apparel!

We can't leave getting Cubs hats, jerseys, fuzzy dice, mugs, pajama pants, wrist bands, stuffed bears, baseball cards, licence plates, laptops, and coat racks off the list! Lots of it can be found on the shop.

7. Fergie Jenkins: My Life From the Cubs to Cooperstown

From his family tragedies, to his on the field success, to his childhood, to his retired life; Fergie Jenkins tells it all first hand. Fergie talks a lot about how proud he is to be a Canadian in this autobiography written by Jenkins and Lew Freedman. Jenkins describes his time with the Phillies, Boston, Texas, and the Cubs. I just finished reading it, and I would highly recommend it.

6. Billy Williams: My Sweet-Swinging Lifetime with the Cubs

Very similar to Jenkins book, but I rank it even higher on the list. Williams talks a lot about his home state, and how many pro ball players came from Alabama. Written with Fred Mitchell and a forward by Ron Santo. Link

5. Baseball Voices CDs

Pat Hughes, the voice of the Chicago Cubs, has put together some great CDs, that make perfect gifts for any baseball fan. The CDs take a look at the careers of some of the greatest baseball broadcasters ever. The series is call Baseball Voices, the Hall of Fame Series. The Harry Caray CD is great for all Cubs fans. In addition, Pat has two new additions to his series, so if you already have the others, check out the two newest: Milo Hamilton and Dave Niehaus. He has also updated his Harry Kalas CD. Free shipping on all orders is being offered. Other CDs include Red Barber, Jack Buck, Marty Brennaman, and Bob Uecker. Link

4. Hoodoo by Grant DePorter, Elliot Harris, and Mark Vancil.

Great read for any Cub fan! Grant, Elliot, and Mark try to unravel the 100-year mystery of the Chicago Cubs. Find out what the name Murphy has to do with every Cub collapse. DePorter is very dedicated to finding out what has gone wrong for the Cubs. Link.

3. This Old Cub
The inspirational story of Ron Santo. If you don't already think Ron Santo needs to be in the Hall of Fame, this movie will change your mind. Link.
2. The Chicago Cubs Legends Great Games
Are you missing watching baseball this winter? Do you want to have the chance to relive some of your favorite moments from watching the Cubs as a child, or some of the best recent moment. This great set includes 8 DVDs all of classic Cubs games. From Ryne Sandberg, to Andre Dawson, to Greg Maddux, to Derrek Lee; you'll get to check out some Cubs Legends greatest games. Link.
1. Chicago Cubs Vineline
If you want to stay up with all the Cubs news, get to know the Chicago Cubs, look back at past Cubs, read special Q&As with Cubs players, and get plenty of updates on minor league players all year around, Vineline is for you. A subscription to Vineline is the Cubs gift that keeps on giving! Link
More stuff to come on the blog this week! I'll be posting every day Monday through Wednesday as we get ready for the holidays!
Stay tuned...

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