Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Update: The Latest on Bradley& More

Cubs Talk on CSN's Chicago Tribune Live yesterday:
  • Phil Rodgers doesn't think there's a real landing place for Milton.
  • Rodgers says that the Yankees got a great player in Granderson.
  • White Sox writer Mark Gonzales feels that Curtis Granderson is the good player, but he has an astrick because he can't hit lefties.
  • Gonzales says the Cubs have bigger problems than needing a center fielder.

Dave Van Dyck talked Cubs on the Mully and Hanley show on 670 the score yesterday:

  • Van Dyck and the guys joked about the lack of a Bradley trade.
  • Dave thinks that at some point the Cubs have to give him away.
  • If the Cubs eat everything, the Rays will take him.
  • Right now the Cubs are trying wait and see where other outfielder like Bay and Holliday end up, and then a team may be left out once the dominoes for outfielders have started to fall.
  • The later you wait, the worse off it is, because if the Cubs can't dump Burrell after getting him from Tampa, the Cubs could end up $21 million.
  • Dave said "yes and no" when he was asked if it's fair to rip the Ricketts family's tenure so far.
  • There's teams out there that would take him. He will not be released or return to the team.

More Notes:

  • Ryan Dempster is trying to sell his Lake View mansion according to the Tribune.
  • Paul Sullivan says that the Cubs may have lost their best possible trade partner for Bradley, because the Rays have signed Rafael Soriano for $7.25 million.
  • The Cubs may be forced to pay the "bulk" of Bradley's $13M salary in 2011.
  • Right now, Sully says, the Ricketts Family is more focused on remodeling Wrigley Field. Ryan Dempster said that an improvement to the trophy room for a World Series trophy would be number 1 on his list in remodeling the ballpark.
  • Thanks to Phil Rodgers for this quote: "You really don't have to follow him all that closely to know what a dominant upper-rotation starter he has the ability to be and has been in his career. Hopefully not just this year but a majority of his career is spent in Texas. ... We know what he's capable of. He can go in there and flat shut down an opposing lineup." -- Rangers GM Jon Daniels on Rich Harden, the former Cub who signed for one year and an option.
  • Nick Gandy, a communications director for the Florida Sports Foundation, thinks that teams in the Midwest and Northeast should train in Florida.
  •'s Q&A with Sean Marshall.
  • How eager do fans want to see Bradley go? Someone on Twitter urged people to send $3 to "No More Milton Bradley" to pay for his salary to help move him, and listed an address. That address was for Wrigley Field. No, it wasn't Jim Hendry who posted the tweet.

That's it for now, more later with the non-tender deadline tonight...

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